today i learned – fri 9th june 2017

fans of such things as the walking dead, resident evil, shaun of the dead, zombieland and any other zombie based media is going to quite enjoy today’s fact 😏.

it’s going to sound pretty darn far-fetched … but bear with 😳 the many different, actually credible, sources make me think this is totally legit. 

#tdil that 2017 is the year that scientists will attempt to bring 20 people ‘back from the dead’ ☠️ … can only end well … last time people tried something stupid like this, trump ended up president 🙄.

awful presidents aside, this experiment is genuinely 100% happening, mainly thanks to the fact that the health watchdogs have now approved the experiment! 

ran by specialist dr.himanshu bansal and the umbrella corporation … i mean 😳 two biotek companies named revita life sciences and bioquark inc, the aim is to take 20 patients, that have been declared clinically dead from a traumatic brain injury, and test whether parts of their central nervous system can be brought back to life. 

ignoring the whole zombie apocalypse thing, can you imagine the leap forward that these tests being successful would be?! 🤓 they would actually have found a way to regenerate the super important cells of someone who was dead?! 

but exactly how do they plan on doing it? well, the team plan to use multiple different therapies – such as injecting the brain with stem cells and a cocktail of peptides, lasers and the same nerve stimulation techniques that have previously been used to bring people out of comas. 

the theory is that these techniques can cause the brain cells to erase their history and restart life again … much like how salamanders regrow entire limbs 🦎 <- that’s a gecko … i am aware of this.

the test won’t just be a super quick ‘have yourself a couple of injections and you’re back alive’ however – it’ll take quite a long time 😅, with peptides being administered daily and stem cells bi-weekly over a six week period. the participants will then be monitored for several months with brain imaging equipment to see if any regeneration occurs. 

quite often i end these blog posts by saying something like “how mad is that?!” or “how mental?!” but honestly, this one is possibly the most mental one that we’ve ever had 😳 … bringing people back to life could be a legit thing?!

well, i’m just going to leave that there and get on with my zombie free evening 🙃 might not have many left 👍🏻

may the odds be ever in your favour 😎 #tdil


ok, i can’t really say that i’ve anything more mental than this to offer you … i can, however, offer you no end of interesting facts if you head –>here<–


(in order to keep this blog nice and family friendly, i’ve decided to go with a minecraft zombie for today’s header 💁🏼 i’m just that much of a nice person 👍🏻. credit for the image’s owner leads you –>here<–

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