today i learned – thurs 8th june 2017

today’s random fact is one that was, once again, taught to me by radio one’s rather brilliant greg james … this time during a conversation about pooing on trains 💩. the world truly is a wonderful place 🙊 

sadly, i’m not best chums with famous radio one djs in real life 😭 so, if you listen to radio one, you have probably already heard this random nugget. 

#tdil that sometimes human waste can fall from aeroplanes and turn into mad frozen toilet bombs 😳 

so, first of all it’s worth ruining one myth – when you flush the loo on a plane, your nuggets of goodness don’t rain down upon the poor humans below 🙈 … that’s just not a thing. when you flush on a plane, your stuff goes into a tank that is emptied by lorries after you land 👍🏻

but, if that’s the case, then how do random poo chunks fall to the earth and smash through people’s houses?! well, sometimes there can be a crack in the tank that lets horrible stuff leak out on the exterior of the aircraft … from there, it joins together, freezes and then falls towards an unsuspecting person below ☹️.

the civil aviation authority actually say that this happens ‘from time-to-time’ … that actually seem pretty chill about the whole thing 🙃. 

if i’m honest, i’m not so sure why they’re so chill?! from the stories that i’ve read about this, it’s pretty darn mental … with the debris sometimes being really big (like seven inches long) and causing humongous damage … we’re talking 3ft long and 2ft wide holes!? 

how nuts is that?! you could literally be struck in the face by some poo that’s been enjoying a free fall 😂 if you do happen to be unlucky enough to be struck by poo 🙈 you should double bag that stuff and put in the freezer so that you can call your insurance company 😅

and there you go! 🙃 how very strange, aye?! 😂 that’s all from me for tonight but if you’d like to read some mad stories where debris has fallen from planes, just go –>here<– and –>here<–

laterz 😉 #tdil


that was a totally weird one tonight 😂 i’m still in a strange tired state from yesterday 👍🏻 if you fancy reading some other random drivel, you just need to go –>here<–


(for two days running, i’ve used an image that i actually own and can totally use without being sued?! what is happening to this blog?!)

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