today i learned – weds 7th june 2017

i know i say this a lot, but today’s post is actually going to be pretty short πŸ™ˆ. this is because of two different reasons: 1) i have 30 mins before this is late … 2) super unfit me trekked snowdon today πŸ˜‚.

as you can imagine … the net effect of trekking snowdon is the need for sleep 😳 so yeah, quick fact tonight πŸ‘πŸ»

#tdil a couple of interesting facts about mount snowdon! πŸŒ„

to begin, the first recorded ascent of mount snowdon was way back in 1639 by a botanist named thomas johnson. despite some lengthy searching around, i’ve been unable to find out why he decided to subject himself to the trek … #becausewhynot. 

that said, an 18th century historian named thomas pennant reckons that mount snowdon may have been ascended as far back as 1284! 

the second thing that i learned is that five hundred million years ago, snowdon was at the bottom of the ocean! how did they figure that out? well, it’s possible to find fragments of shell fossils on the mountain’s summit 😳 how mad is that?! 

right, i’m afraid that’s all you’re getting today πŸ˜… i really need sleep 😭 otherwise i’m totally not making it to work tomorrow! 

goodnight y’all 😘 #tdil


this was a real quick one today #soz. feel like reading some more, actually well thought out, facts? simply go –>here<–


(for once, i can actually say that i can 100% use that image because i took it! actually winning at life!)

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