today i learned – tues 6th june 2017

not going to lie, today’s fact has actually ruined my life a little bit 😭 of course meaning that we’re heading back into the world of dinosaurs. 

unlike last time, where we discussed the fact that velociraptors are actually really small and quite boring (find that –>here<–), this one isn’t the fault of everyone’s favourite dinosaur film franchise πŸ‘πŸ».

#tdil that a new study into dinosaurs has found that big scary dinosaurs didn’t actually roar 🐯 … instead they probably favoured a nice bit of ‘cooing’ 😳 um, what? 

when i say ‘new’ study, what i actually mean is there has been a development in studies that have been going on for years. this particular update came from a dinosaur lady named julia clarke in an interview with npr.

in the interview, julia explained how most of the dinosaur noises that are imagined in tv programs and films are actually based upon lions and other scary modern predators🦁. but why? lions and bears aren’t particularly close in relation to dinosaurs? 

studies by palaeontologists (from here on known as dinosaur people because that’s hard to spell) such as julia look at the close relatives that we have on earth today – reptiles and birds … julia even states that birds are literally just modern day dinosaurs πŸ¦… (i’m totally going to be that person and say i knew that before it was cool πŸ’πŸΌ) 

anyway, by looking into the various noises made by our 10,000 species of birds, dinosaur people have come to the conclusion that dinosaurs would have made sounds that were more akin to that of birds. 

apparently, birds make noises with their mouths both open and closed – when closed they inflate different internal structures that allow them to resonate low frequency sounds πŸ₯. 

how damn boring would jurrasic park have been with dinosaurs that made bird noises?! 😭 why do people insist on ruining dinosaurs?! there is a saving light in all of this though! 

for the really big scary dinosaurs like t-rex, dinosaur peeps have said that you have actually have to consider the noises made by alligators and crocodiles 🐊 … which is awesome because it means that they remain super scary! 

i’m very conscious that this post is becoming rather long πŸ™ƒ so i’m going to leave it there. if you would like to learn the above in more depth and read some other dino facts, the interview can be found –>here<– 😬

right, back to work for me! this was a lunchtime piece today πŸ€“

have a gooden’ 😏 #tdil


my sincere apologies if this post has ruined dinosaurs for you a little πŸ˜… #notideal. why not fill that new empty hole in your life by reading more –>here<–


(apparently that image isn’t historically accurate … just so that you know πŸ™ƒ #awks. it came from the free to use it of google again πŸ‘πŸ» license –>here<–)

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