today i learned – mon 5th june 2017

my original plan for this blog post was to write something about dinosaurs 🐊 i don’t really know why … just feels like a dinosaur kind of monday. 

after watching a league of their own however, i’ve changed my mind and decided that it’s more of a monster truck kind of monday 😏.

#tdil where the sport of monster trucks originated 🚘 <– not a monster truck. 

not gonna lie, monster trucks are so american that it actually hurts my face a little bit. that said … how damn awesome are they?! huge wheels, mad jumps and crushing cars … what more could you ask for?? 🙊 #theultimatesport

but where in god’s name did the sport even come from?! who decided that it’d be a great idea to build a huge truck and drive it over stuff? well, i have an answer for you! 

turns out that it finds its roots in the sports of mud bogging and tractor pulling 🚜. wondering what those sports even are? well, mud bogging is where you drive through a mud pit or track for as long as possible … the winner is the one who gets the furthest. 

tractor pulling is where modified tractors pull really heavy sleds (there are some fantastic videos of tractor pulling on the internet 😍 … i’ll be honest, i’m mainly referencing those where wheels fall off 🙈).

how do monster trucks come into all of this? right, back in the 70s heavily modified trucks and the aforementioned sports were all the rage. as such, some people started to lift their trucks and give them huge tires (some as big as 48 inches). one of the biggest was bob chandler’s ‘bigfoot’. 

in 1981, chandler decided to test how good bigfoot was by driving it over some cars 🚘🚘🚘🚜. the first time for that to happen, the video tape eventually made its way into the hands of a promoter. 

amazed by what he saw, said promoter subsequently decided that bigfoot could be the next big thing and started booking it in for shows. fitted with 66-inch tires, bigfoot soon gained the name ‘monster truck’ 👹.

loving what was before their eyes, other people wanted a slice of the action; slowly doing it to their own trucks. usually performing as a sideshow at tractor pulling events, their slow drives over old cars eventually turned into the mad jumps and backflips that we see today! 🙌🏻 bigfoot still does some mad stuff these days!! 

so, there you have it! slightly random one today if i’m honest 😅 either way, i found it pretty interesting 🙃. if you fancy a bit more about how it evolved into the sport of today, my source can be found –>here<–

bedtime! ta rah! 😎 #tdil 


it’s not often that we have something like this on the blog 🤓 maybe we should have more 🤔. fancy reading some other interesting facts? simply go –>here<–


(much to my surprise, i actually found a picture of bigfoot that i could use! it’s from the special part of google again … license can be found –>here<–)

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