today i learned – sat 3rd june 2017

right, we’re going to get pretty much straight to the point 😅 i’m loving a good ole weekend migraine today 😷 so bed is required.

moan over … although, it feeds quite nicely into what we’re talking about today 😏 … today, we’re talking about what could possibly be the biggest paper cut ever 😳.

#tdil that you can use paper as a saw blade and it’ll cut through many things ⚙️ … like, wood and stuff! 

i actually learned this first thing today during my early morning browse around the youtub (something that i do a lot!). amongst the fantastically strange videos of animals and those epic ones of huge explosions, i stumbled across the video below and had my mind subsequently blown. 

what the video basically demonstrates is that three pieces of paper glued together can become a vicious saw blade! to such an extent that it can cut its way through everything from cardboard to the handle of a broomstick 😁. 

what i’ve learned since is that, whilst the paper blade can cut through lots of stuff, it’s not the most efficient blade 🙃 taking quite a while to cut through the thicker items. it also has its limits; it won’t cut through anything more than slightly thick wood (like, broomstick handle thick) … thin aluminium and thick pieces of wood are an absolute no. things it can’t cut aside, paper actually leaves a super clean cut! 

anyway, as i mentioned, my brain really hurts 😭 so here’s the aforementioned video for your own enjoyment and amazement! 

how amazing was that?! like what the actual?! 😱😱 go give him a sub crazy happy people! 

nighttttttttttttt 🤓 #tdil


if i’m honest, there isn’t much too this one 🙃 #soz #ill. anyway, feel like reading some more stuff? simply go –>here<–


(that picture is a screen grab from the video! i think i’m allowed to use it 🤔 who knows!)

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