today i learned – fri 2nd june 2017

despite this being a short week, it’s been a long week 😒 that said, i have just learned loads of things 😏 … lots of it about executions ☠️ like, properly eye opening stuff about executions. 

unfortunately, at this time, i don’t really understand enough of it to make a full post about it … also, it’s ruddy depressing and today isn’t a day for depressing. instead, here’s something about fish 😂

#tdil that goldfish are actually really clever! they’ve been getting a bad deal for all these years and they aren’t even stooopid 🐟.

i can literally guarantee that at some point in your life, someone will have told you that either they or you have the memory of a goldfish 🙃 (i say it literally every other day).

this age old saying, of course, implies that you or the person in question has a really bad memory. in fact, i was always brought up to think that goldfish only remember things for a matter of seconds. 

well as it turns out, that saying is total poppycock! goldfish actually have a pretty good memory – remembering things for weeks and not just seconds. taking that even further they can be trained to do complex tasks 💪. 

“what kind of complex tasks?” i hear you cry … well, goldfish have been taught mad things like pulling levers, ringing bells and even jumping through hoops (ok, not all that mad but still, we’re talking about goldfish here!) 

who knew?! all these years we’ve been picking on goldfish for their super short memory and they’re actually little animal einsteins 🤓 … well, they’re at least as clever as rats 🐀

and there you go 😬 a lovely, none-depressing, fact about goldfish. maybe i’ll have a proper look into the death stuff when it’s not friday … that feels more like a monday thing 👍🏻. 

anyhew, it’s gogglebox’o’clock ⏰

Senf-Hummer! 😺 #tdil


hell yeah! what an epic fact! feel like learning some more? all you have to do is click –>here<– … look how easy i made it for you!


(i’m slightly certain that i can use that image … i mean, it came from the special section of google 🤔. today’s image actually comes from a news article about a man who paid a shed ton of money to save a goldfish from constipation 🙃 … yeah, go read that –>here<–)

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