today i learned – thurs 1st june 2017

as if it’s the 1st june already?! like what the actual?! 🙃 maybe i should do some research into why time starts to go super fast as you get older 🤔

anyway, i stumbled across this fact whilst googling my own blog 😂 i recently decided to commit and make this blog an actual website … long story short, turns out that this mad fact appears when you google my blog.

#tdil that scientists in america are working on a way to feed information directly into your brain so that you can learn new skills whilst you’re asleep! 🤓

how damn sci-fi is that?! the mental bit is that they’ve actually been successful in creating a way to amplify learning 😳 #thematrixisreal #wewillberobotssoon 🤖.

originally published in the journal ‘frontiers in human neuroscience’ by researchers from hrl laboratories in california, the study looked at making people with no flying experience pilots (well, sorta)

basically, the researchers looked at the electric signals in the head of a trained pilot and then fed the data to some ordinary peeps through a fancy head cap covered in electrodes. 

what they found was that the peeps wearing the mad brain hats learnt the task 33% better than a placebo group who (i’m guessing) unknowingly just sat about in weird hats for the lols 😂

but how does it work?! well, when you learn stuff, your brain changes physically as new connections are made … it’s called neuro-plasticity. 

the system that the researchers have created is called a ‘brain stimulation system’ and it aims electric signals at these areas as they change to help you learn stuff quicker.

what’s possibly the most mental thing about all of this is that, whilst you couldn’t use this to learn japanese in five minutes just yet, the researchers think that tech like this could soon be the way that people prepare for tests and learn new skills 😟

to be totally honest, i’m not overly sure how i feel about this whole thing 🤔 isn’t this just another step along the ever growing path to pure laziness … you know, the one that ends with us all in flying chairs like in wall-e? isn’t part of the joy of learning something, the effort and time required to learn it?! 

ending on something slightly profound (lol jokes) for once today! 🤓 i’d love to know your thoughts on this one – is it good that we’ll soon be able to learn all the things without trying? 🙃

just in case you’re interested, my source for this can be found –>here<–

tatty bye all! 👾 #tdil


ok, today’s fact was actually pretty legit 😏 i’m pretty darn into this one. if it’s left you wanting more, never fear, you can read more by simply going –>here<– 


(that image has nothing to do with his study 😂 that’s just how i like to imagine to mad science hats 🙈. it came from the free-to-use section of google and apparently i don’t have to credit anyone!)

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