today i learned – weds 31st may 2017

it’s been yet another rather lovely evening tonight (despite the hayfever 👍🏻). i’m starting to get used to these long warm eves 😏☀️

anyhew, random off piste intro complete, lets get on with the important stuff – useless factoids 🙃 … today we’re going back to the wonderful world of apple once more!

#tdil that the time that iphones display on all iphone adverts is always 09:41am 📱.

now, i’ll admit that this is a proper apple nerd fact 🤓 but it’s an apple nerd fact that may just win you a quiz someday! (it’s becoming obvious that this blog literally just exists to help people win quizzes 🤣 … trivia: i’ve never used that emoji before).

the original thing that drew me to this fact was the supposed reason for the random time; apparently, the iphone always read 09:41am because it was steve jobs’ favourite time ⌚️ … turns out that reason isn’t true at all 😒.

the actual reason for the time is that most apple conferences begin at 9am and any iphone reveal tends to be around 40mins later. of course, this means that when the new phone comes out, the time on the ad is the actual time in real life 😎 #applecoolness (i guess that means that you’ll always know when the interesting bit of apple conferences is going to happen from now on 😏)

that said … whilst that sounds super efficient, the original iphone was unveiled at 09:42am 🙈 #fail (as fails go … that was probably doesn’t actually count 😂)

there you have it! another random ole fact about the world owning company that is apple. as i said up there ^^ i feel that this super geeky fact might actually be useful … so, you’re welcome 😏.

right, off with ya! 😘 #tdil


wow! how amazing! simply epic! (😷 #cringe) feel like reading some more interesting stuff? all you have to do is go –>here<– … after that horrendous intro, i wouldn’t blame you for going elsewhere 🙈.


(obvs that’s a picture of an iphone 🙂 it’s from googles free to use section … license is –>here<–)


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