today i learned – mon 29th may 2017

hey hey πŸ‘πŸ» hope you’ve enjoyed this fine bank holiday monday (in the uk … sorry dudes outside of the country πŸ˜… … hope you’ve had a good day 😘) 

right, today we’re heading into the world of sweets 😱 … the actual best world πŸ™ŒπŸ» did you ever see wreck it ralph? i want to live in that candy land that they go to 😍 anyhew, off piste again πŸ˜….

#tdil the reason why wine gums are called wine gums despite wine gums containing no wine πŸ€”πŸ·. 

it’s an odd one isn’t it? like, why name something as if it contains something that it actually doesn’t and never has!? i feel like this is a question that many people may have actually asked! 

in order to flesh out this answer (and make this blog post worthwhile) here’s a quick wine gun history lesson 😎.

wine gums were originally invented by a gent named charles gordon maynard in 1909. charles gordon maynard wasn’t the maynard who owned the company … he was the son of the company’s owner – charles riley maynard. 

ever since their creation, proper wine gums have come in five different shapes – kidney, crown, diamond, circle and rectangle – and have beared the names of five different bevvies – port, sherry, champagne, burgundy and claret 🍺🍸🍷🍾. 

but why do they bear those names if they have no alcohol?! well, there are a couple of theories about that πŸ€”.

the first is that charles (the one who created wine gums) wanted to market his sweets as a way to help people cut down on the amount of booze that they consumed 🀀 (<- that’s a drunk person). 

the second theory is that charles wanted people to think of his sweets like they do fine wines – super special and to be appreciated whilst enjoyed. apparently, this is the most likely reason. 

i wish that i had a 100% answer for this πŸ˜’ i’m still curious 😭 maybe we should make this a two parter and i’ll have to visit cadbury world to ask the question of some experts πŸ€” you know what, lets do it! #partonecomplete

how exciting! we’ve never had a two parter on the blog before πŸ™Š if you want more info in the meantime, i had two sources for this … you’ll find them –>here<– and –>here<–

au revoir! 😬 #tdil


enjoy this random little fact? πŸ€“ why don’t you treat your pretty little brain to a little bit more goodness by going –>here<– 😏


(turns out, there are zero images of wine gums that are free to use πŸ™ƒ therefore, today’s image is a meme that symbolises me looking at sweets on the interballs 😍 … i’ll be honest, it’s a meme and i therefore have no idea who owns a it πŸ˜…)

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