today i learned – sun 28th may 2017

you’ll be happy to know that, at long last, we’re going to finally have a post with some kind of meat to it 🙌🏻. 

there’s also a certain vibe of spy film stalkerism … you know, full on scary 3d mapping of a bad guy hideout (in my head, i’m seeing enemy of the state #whatafilm)

#tdil that some very clever german peeps have figured out how to use wifi to see through walls 😳

if you’re a living, breathing, human being, then you probably know the importance of wifi, but for those aliens 👽 that are visiting earth for the first time: these days, an establishment without it will almost certainly be closed within days … i bet that you even know your friend’s wifi code better than you know their children’s (pet’s) names 🙈 … i bet, however, you didn’t know that it could be used to see through walls?! #creeping

the idea behind this rather interesting fact actually originated as an undergraduate thesis before becoming a larger study. recently published in “the physical review of letters”, the study outlined how they were able to create images as often as 10 times a second and recreate an entire building! 😳

wondering how it works? well, wifi is just made up of electromagnetic waves that are beamed out of routers – these waves can go round corners and through walls. in order to create images, the german researchers use the electromagnetic waves as a sort of radar. 

rogue wifi waves, from devices such as your iphone, bounce off objects in a room and are then picked up by two antennae – one tasked with mapping out a 2d plan and the other with recording the signal. the image data that is collected is turned into a three-dimensional view by a special digital reconstruction algorithm. 

at the mo, the device can’t be used to properly see anything under four centimetres with any actual detail … that said, it can be used to see large objects/humans/dogs with an ok picture 👍🏻. the clever peeps behind it think that they’ll soon be able to create better pictures faster by using more antennae 🤐.

see! i told you that this one would be legit interesting (and creepy). if you fancy learning more on this, you can go –>here<– 😏 … there’s also an article on led eye brows 😂 so, you know…

anyway, supervet is on, so i’m going to go and have a little cry now 🙃😭 

until tomorrow 👋🏽 #tdil


i feel like this fact may have helped my credibility somewhat 😅 there has been some real pointless stuff going on recently 🙈 fancy reading it? go –>here<–


(turns out that it’s really hard to find a wifi logo that is usable 😒 ergh, stupid trademarks. instead, i’ve settled for a glass house … because that’s what we’ll all be living in once this tech takes off 🙃. license –>here<–)

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