today i learned – sat 27th may 2017

ok then, today’s fact might actually be the first thing i’ve written that actually has some form of pub quiz merit 🙌🏻 like, not a pub quiz at a decent establishment but maybe one at an ok holiday resort. 

#tdil that the dude who does the voice for jake in adventure time also does the voice of bender in futurama 😱

ok, there’s probably going to be a few responses currently going on:

1) what’s adventure time and who is a futurama?

2) how in god’s name didn’t you already know this?! 

3) omg?! fo’sho?!

for those of you that are still with me, this came about randomly whilst i was watching futurama for the first time in about 1000 years (they’ve stuck all the episodes on now tv 🙌🏻).

the voices of both jake the dog and bender are done by a dude called john dimaggio and are among many many voices that he has done. 

apparently (i love a cartoon but i’m no expert) john is widely known as one of the greatest voice actors of our time; lending his voice to characters in everything from the aforementioned classic futurama, a the way through to batman: brave and the bold. 

if i’m honest, there’s not much more to say 😅 like, all i learned was that his voice was both characters … it’s not exactly groundbreaking news 😂. as i’ve not really got anything else to say and i feel a tad guilty, here’s john as jake the dog singing an incredible song about pancakes 🙃

right, well, i guess that’s all for today 😂 whilst this one was very short and it seems pretty useless … it legit might come in handy at a pub quiz one day! especially if you go to one that’s super modern and trendy (and for children) 👍🏻.

byeeeeeeeee 😎 #tdil


ok, i promise that my posts are usually a bit more useful than this (slightly) … you should probably go find out for yourself –>here<– 😏


(i’ll be honest, i don’t actually know who owns the rights to that image that i’ve used … i took it from a website that had interviewed john –>here<– it’s actually pretty darn interesting! go read it!)

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