today i learned – fri 26th may 2017

alright? good days had by all? 😬 regardless, at least it’s bank holiday friday 🙌🏻. right, pleasantries exchanged, lets get down to business. 

as usual, i’m going to be totally honest with you … i found this fact out totally by accident 🙃 the plan was to write about the history of people writing on bombs but when i googled “when did people…” this fact popped up as a suggestion and i couldn’t ignore it! 

#tdil about when people started brushing their teeth and what appliance they used to do it. (i know, it’s another potential pub quiz winner tonight 😏)

so, it turns out that people have been brushing their teeth for a really long time … like thousands of years – there are stories of even the ancient egyptians brushing their teeth! 

it’s quite interesting what people used to use before toothbrushes were a thing 🤔; the ancient egyptians would grab a twig and split the end slightly so that it could clean in between teeth more effectively. the ancient chinese did something similar but instead of just using a stick to clean their teeth, they used to chew a twig laced with a special flavour to also freshen their breath. 

there were even ancient toothpastes! although, sometimes a powder made from weird things like ‘ox hoof ashes’ and ‘burned eggshell’, i’m going to say that i’ll stick with my mint colgate 😅.

modern oral hygiene in europe (brushing every day) didn’t start until contact was made with the muslim worlds of asia and africa – they’d been doing it for an age and their teeth lasted well into old age 👍🏻 we clearly wanted some of that action! 

that said, the modern toothbrush didn’t develop until 1780 and was actually the invention of a british prisoner named thomas addis 😳 i know right, a prisoner?! 

anyway, whilst in jail, thomas decided to drill holes (i don’t know how he ‘drilled’ in jail) in a sheep’s tibia. tom then pulled the bristles off a boar hair and stuck the two together 👍🏻 et voila, the toothbrush is born! 

(well, there’s debate as to whether it was actually created by the chinese in the 1400s … personally, i prefer the jail version due to it being more interesting!) 

and there you have it! people have been brushing their teeth for a long old time and your toothbrush is possibly thanks to a prisoner!

pretty interesting today, if i do say so myself 😬 hopefully we can get some more in like this from now on! 

laterz y’all 🤓 #tdil


ok, i’ll be honest, this was one of the better ones in my opinion 👍🏻 feel like you want to make up your own mind? go read more of my posts –>here<–


(no idea who’s image that is 😳 i grabbed it from the reusable section of google and the website it came from didn’t reference where they got it 😅 #pleasedontsueme. you’ll find the original –>here<–)

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