today i learned – thurs 25th may 2017

today has been one heck of a day! literally, it’s been one of those days where you do alllllllll the things, buy red wine and then get distracted and forget to drink said wine šŸ˜’ … the glass is sat right next to me, still half full, and i’ve already cleaned my teeth šŸ˜­

anyway! moan over šŸ™ƒ lets get on with the reason that you’re here: super special facts. today’s is likely to be short but very relatable and therefore interesting šŸ˜¬

#tdil that reading a word too many times really does (scientifically) cause it to lose all meaning! šŸ¤“

i think it’s happened to us all – you’re sat there having a conversation or writing something and you repeat the same word over and over again … to such an extent that the word just disintegrates in meaning and looks strange šŸ¤”.

turns out that it’s a legit thing called ‘semantic satiation’ or ‘semantic saturation’ and it’s where your brain cells essentially go into to ‘sleep mode’ and ignore the thing that you’re repeating.

your nose does the same thing when it comes to smells that you’re around all the time … have you ever noticed that your house has stopped smelling like your house? 

it’s the same thing when it comes to words – your brain stops paying attention to the repeated word to save energy šŸ‘šŸ».

if i’m honest, there’s not much else to say šŸ˜³ didn’t really think this one would be quite as short as it is šŸ™ƒ oh well, i found it interesting šŸ’šŸ¼.

this fact actually came from snapchat and then some other websites … so i don’t really have any single sources to link you to today šŸ˜… #sozza

been a long day and sleep is totally required … apologies for the super short post ā˜¹ļø.

night y’all! šŸ˜“ #tdil


hmmmmm, how very interesting! šŸ¤— fancy reading some more stuff? simply go –>here<– 


(made that picture myself šŸ˜Ž if you needed an example of how semantic satiation works … just read that over and over šŸ‘šŸ»)

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