today i learned – weds 24th may 2017

today, we’re going to start off with a celebration 🎉🎊 the blog turned 100 posts (and therefore 100 days old) yesterday!! 😬 we could have celebrated this yesterday but i don’t keep count of how many posts i’ve done and wordpress told me after i had already posted yesterday’s fact 🙃 thanks for sticking with me people 👍🏻

there were a couple of things that i partially learned today that i wanted to write about … but unfortunately, i still don’t really understand them 🙈 therefore, we’re going to go with a random fact i learned about cats 🐱

#tdil that cats walk in such a way that they only ever leave a single line of paw prints in snow 🐾 (that’s only part of the fact … it’s just easier to make the point about how they walk by using the snow example)

now, i know that we had a cat fact yesterday and we doubled up on parasite facts before that … but, you know, i write these as i learn them – sometimes it’s just fate that you learn two things about the same topic multiple days in a row! just think of it as a discovery channel-esque double episode type deal 👍🏻

anyway, back to actual important things! the reason for this single line of paw prints is that they ‘directly register’ … this means that their hind feet land exactly where their front feet have just been. 

it’s pretty neat to be honest (like literally neat 😂), regardless of speed – gentle stroll or full on usain bolt – a cat will only ever leave one line of paw prints …  but why? 🤔

well, far from cats all being massively ocd and needing tidy lines of paw prints, direct registering is important when it comes to be super stealthy like a ninja warrior cat 🥋

placing front and back paws in a single file line means that they can move around silently, avoiding twigs and sticks, whilst leaving little trace of their presence 😏 #sneaky.

there you have it! the more i write these posts, the more nature amazes me … it has literally ‘thought’ of everything 😱. oh! whilst learning about direct registering, i also found out that dogs used to do it but apparently they’ve lost their ability … i couldn’t find anything that elaborated on that though 😕.

anyway, that’s that 😬 post 101 complete! pretty happy with this one, to be honest 👍🏻 

whether this is the first thing of mine that you’ve read or the 100th, thank you again for reading my entirely irrelevant but interesting facts, you crazy happy people 🤙🏻 

catch you on the flip side 😎 #tdil


you know what, this one was actually pretty interesting 😏 feel like you haven’t filled your capacity to learn cool shizz? why not read more on the rest of my blog –>here<–


(if i’m honest, i probably should have used a picture of a cat today … but i’m really rather proud of my 101 days of posting, so i really wanted to use the achievement that wordpress sent me 🙊. that said, as we’re now on 101, i had to edit it a tad 🙃)

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