today i learned – tues 23rd may 2017

today was good day for two reasons – 1). it was spent at my spiritual home, silverstone🏎  2). it was the second day in a row where i’ve reached over 11,000 steps πŸ™ŒπŸ» #fitnessgod

anyway, due to the day being spent at sillystone, i was hoping to bring you a silverstone based fact … unfortunately, i’m having a hard time verifying the one thing that i was taught about the race track today πŸ˜’. so, here’s something else that i learned today after reading more about yesterday’s fish, tongue, parasite, beast (–>here<– if you need to catch up πŸ‘πŸ»)

#tdil that there is a parasite in cats that controls the mind of rats so that they get eaten by the aforementioned cat (or their mate).

i’m a little worried that we’re getting a little parasite heavy on this blog … meh, they’re interesting.

anyhew, back on piste! the parasite is called ‘toxoplasma gondii’ and it has the unbelievable talent of altering an infected rat’s mind so that it becomes attracted to the smell of cat urine – ordinarily they’d avoid said smell. 

the reason for this change in behaviour is to make the infected rat chill in areas where cats hang out in an effort for the rat to be eaten 😒 … i’ve learned over the last two days that parasites are arseholes πŸ™ˆ.

why would a parasite want its host rat to be eaten by a cat? it’s all because the parasite can only reproduce inside the belly of a feline πŸ˜’. basically, the infected rat needs to be eaten so that the parasite can get its end away and then start the whole chain again #selfish.

whilst i don’t really see the point in this particular parasite (i’m sure it has one, wouldn’t have made it this far if it didn’t) it’s quite amazing how targeted it is; infected rats don’t look sick and maintain all of their other natural fears and behaviours … it literally only alters the whole cat wee thing. if i’m honest, i’ve no idea how it does it #sozza

ta daaaaaaa! another strange parasite fact 😬 #twoinarow. the last couple of days have been fairly eye opening if i’m honest … like, why are parasites even a thing?! they just seem mad selfish?! 

anyway, this post has been a real struggle due to a real need for sleep (you might be able to tell) 😳 not a fan of poor quality shizz but i’m not giving up on daily posts!!! 

nighty night all 😘 #tdil


not the greatest post to be honest πŸ™ˆ fancy reading something of much higher quality? simply go –>here<– and explore the rest of my blog! i swear that it’s better πŸ˜…


(once again, i’ve grabbed an image from the reusable section of google! ultimately, that pretty much means that the image came from wikipedia πŸ˜‚ license is –>here<–

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