today i learned – sun 21st may 2017

you know we had that post recently about apple being all cool and designing pizza boxes for all of their employees? (go –>here<– for that one) well, this weekend has been fairly eye opening and it appears apple aren’t all that cool after all šŸ˜’.

(i’m pretty certain that writing something like that on an apple phone might cause my device to explode šŸ™ƒ … or they’ll remotely cancel all of my alarms and get me fired #dontgetanyideas) anyhew, let’s get on with it. 

#tdil that the original voices for siri had no idea that they were going to siri and they subsequently didn’t get paid šŸ˜³.

so yeah, apple aren’t all that cool šŸ˜’. my learning of this actually came from a couple of interviews that i’ve read this evening with a few of the original siri peeps. 

one of the cases that seems to have had lots of exposure is that of the voice of america’s female siri – susan bennett. even before inadvertently becoming the voice of siri, susan was a voice actor; providing her voice talents for various businesses’ ‘interactive voice response work’ (that’s the voice that makes you press a million numbers to reach a certain department when you ring a business). 

despite her multiple bits of voice work, susan was never actually approached by apple nor did she knowingly attend an audition – the work that was used for siri was actually recorded by another company without her knowing anything about it being the siri gig! #sneaky

wondering how and when susan found out she was siri? well, on the day that siri was released, susan got an email from one of her fellow voice actor chums that said “hey, isn’t this you?!” šŸ˜± … can you imagine receiving that email?! 

susan suddenly became a voice that was heard and chatted to by literally millions of people and she didn’t even know it was going to happen! even worse, because she never signed any contract with apple, susan didn’t receive any pay for her voice being used on all the phones šŸ˜­. (susan did get paid for the original job with the other company … just nothing extra for being on every iphone in the states).  

it was the same for all of the original siri voices apparently šŸ˜’ none of them signed contracts with apple, so none of them saw any money for their voice being used on all the phones. one of the dudes unknowingly used as a siri voice even got fired from his job as they considered apple a rival company! šŸ˜¢ #notcool

that said, i guess you could say that, whilst they didn’t get any monetary funding from apple, they did get massive exposure of their voice talent … like literally massive exposure. 

and there you go! much longer than i intended but still awesome. i’ve always known that apple were shady but this takes the biscuit šŸ™ˆ. i guess they’re just really good techy stuff and not people stuff … they’re literally the stereotypical geek of the business world šŸ˜…šŸ¤“.

anyhew, i need sleep šŸ˜“ … so that’s all from me tonight! 

byyyeeeeeeeee! šŸ¤– #tdil 


yaaaaaaaaay, apple facts! šŸ“± enjoy that little lesson in life? why not read some more by clicking –>here<– šŸ˜


(that picture is siri’s logo šŸ‘šŸ» i’ll be honest and say that i’ve no idea who owns that image other than apple themselves šŸ™ƒ so yeah, buy an iphone #notsponsored #dontsuemeplease)

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