today i learned – fri 19th may 2017

it’s friyay againnnnn!!!!! 😬😬😬 it’s finally weekend ‘o’ clock … i hope that you’ve got lots planned 🙂

anyway, i’m going to warn you that today’s fact is one that airs on the side of weird alien film mixed with the last of us mixed with every ant based zombie nightmare you’ve ever had 🐜 (that will make sense very soon)

#tdil that there is a fungus found in tropical forests that infects certain species of ant and takes over their brain … turning them into a zombie like state 😳

literally, it’s like something out of a zombie film. the parasite (called ophiocordyceps unilateralis) waits for an ant to wander innocently through the fungal spores … once one does, the fungus finds its way through the ant before taking over the nervous system and then the brain. 

this is when the fungus turns full creepy – it now uses the ant to fulfil its bidding. what does it make it do? the fungus makes the ant climb up a tall stalk and bite into a leaf … the ants work is then done, so the parasite kills the ant 💀☹️.

what happens next looks like something out of alien; a stalk grows out of the back of the ants head 😷. this stalk subsequently begins dropping more fungal spores onto the poor unsuspecting ants below … lots of them will then face the same fate 🙃.

want to see it in action? the almighty davey a is on hand once again 😏

🙃 horrific 🙃 hope that you sleep well tonight … just remember, the whole premise of the last of us was a fungal infection like this that wiped out the human race and turned everyone into zombies 👍🏻  #theendisnigh 

laterz everyone, until tomorrow 🍷 #tdil


after reading that, i highly doubt you’ll be able to sleep … so, why not take a moment to learn some more facts elsewhere on my blog? i’ll make it easy for you, just go –>here<–

 (today’s image is from an expert in the field of entomology and biology – david p hughes, ph.d. i’m not sure if i’m allowed to use this image but credit to him … go –>here<– to read all the stuff he’s published/discovered/photographed)

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