today i learned – thurs 18th may 2017

once again, snapchat stories has taught me something πŸ™ŒπŸ» good old snapchat never lets me down πŸ™Š … instagram might be stealing all of your unique selling points but they don’t be teaching people stuff 😏.

dad just returned home with chocolate and i’ve also just found a bottle of vintage red … today has taken a rather brilliant turn 😬 anyway, we’ve gone proper off piste … i think that’ll do for actual blog stuff πŸ˜… on with today’s fact! 

#tdil that apple – you know, those dudes and dudettes that make iphones and shizz – have invented their own pizza box and patented it and everything! 

phones, watches, cars and now pizza boxes … apple literally can’t leave any industry to just get on with their shizz without having a go themselves πŸ˜’ (to be honest, they usually do whatever they turn their hand to much better than everyone else – they’re that annoying kid at school who can do everything without trying).

anyway, details! as i mentioned, the apple pizza box πŸ• is a real life patented thing that has come about after the opening of their new headquarters in california. 

what makes it so special? well, it’s a circular box – finished in white – with very carefully placed holes in the top of it. in typical apple fashion, it’s brilliantly over engineered. 

there’s good reason for this design though; the holes give heat and moisture a place to escape so that the pizza doesn’t get soggy. it also means that apple staff members can take their pizza back to their desk πŸ‘πŸ» … so that they can enjoy pizza whilst they browse their itunes library i guess. 

unfortunately, apple currently have no plans to distribute the ipizzabox (that’s not its name … i’ve called it that), so full on apple nerds – like me πŸ€“ – won’t be able to get their hands on one 😭. 

maybe the combination of the upcoming icar and this new ipizzabox is the start of apple’s new branch “ipizzahut” πŸ€” #conspiracy #illuminaticonfirmed. 

you know what, despite being utterly useless, i really like today’s fact πŸ™Š it’s one of those that will never ever be of any use – not even at pub quizzes – but is still pretty darn good to know 🍏

there you go peeps, another fun fact πŸ™‚

bye bye now 😎 #tdil


daym i love an apple fact πŸ™ŒπŸ» fancy reading some other facts about apple and a load of other things? simply go –>here<– πŸ“±


(that picture is the image that apple sent to the us patent office πŸ‘πŸ» no idea who owns the rights to something once it has gone to the patent office πŸ™ƒ)

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