today i learned – weds 17th may 2017

alreet shiny happy people? today’s topic is one that is very close to my heart: sleep šŸ˜“. isn’t it just the best thing ever?! like, i don’t think i’m ever happier than when i’m asleep šŸ˜.

anyway, today’s fact concerns itself with something that we’ve pretty much all experienced … meaning that, hopefully, you all find it super interesting šŸ˜¬

#tdil the reason why you sometimes jolt awake just as you begin to drift off to sleep … you know, that weird sudden jerk when you feel like you’ve fallen.

ok so i’ve lied slightly, when i say i’ve learned the reason, what i actually mean is that i’ve learned the most plausible theories for why it happens – no one actually knows the reason for definite. 

the jerk is called a ‘hypnic jolt’ and it’s thought to be your brain looking out for you … it’s an evolution thing apparently and there are two main theories as to why it happens. 

the first theory is that the Hypnic jolt was something that developed when we used to sleep in the wild … you know, up trees and stuff. it’s thought that the jolt happened just as we drifted off to sleep as a final test of stability and footing before unconsciousness occurred. that’s a pretty important final check if you’re about to take a nap at the top of a tall tree šŸ˜³.

a second theory is that the jerk is caused as your nervous system gives in to the urge to sleep. as this happens, your breathing and heart rate drops, your body temperature lowers, your muscle tone shifts and your muscles twitch. 

it kind of sucks that scientists don’t know the exact reason why the hypnic jerk happens but i feel like (i’ve no idea why) the first one makes total evolutionary sense šŸ¤” that’s my favourite one, therefore that’s the one i’m going with šŸ˜

another short and sweet one today šŸ‘šŸ» interesting nonetheless šŸ˜¬. at least you now know (kind of) why it happens next time it does or someone mentions it happening šŸ™ƒ.

anyhew, i’m going to be super lame and go to bed at 09:30pm šŸ¤“.

night yo! šŸ‘» #tdil 


hmmmmmm, today’s fact actually feels a little thin due to the whole “no one actually knows fo’sho” thing šŸ™„. if you fancy learning something concrete, why not check out the rest of my blog –>here<–


(that image up there is quite obviously the apple emoji having a snooze šŸ˜“ no idea what the rights to use that are šŸ˜… hopefully apple won’t sue me šŸ‘šŸ» #pleaseeee)

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