today i learned – tues 16th may 2017

currently, my mother and sister are watching the fox and the hound and it’s totes emosh 😭 so we’re going to keep this short tonight! 

regardless, i found this random science fact superrrrr interesting βš—οΈ you could even try it at home! (don’t try it at home 😳 for the love of god, please don’t try it at home) 

#tdil that gasoline can actually put out a match πŸ€“ … i know that totally doesn’t make sense at first but it’s legit a real thing! 

before we get started proper, i actually learned this science fact from a dude on youtube called “grant thompson” … it’s totally amazing and you should 100% check it out 😱.

to be honest, saying that gasoline alone (the dude is american πŸ˜…) can put out a match is a little bit of a lie. it takes a little helping of dry ice to make the magic happen 😏.

the experiment takes place as follows (don’t try this at home … petrol is god darn flammable and might just remove your house from existence πŸ™ƒ) dry ice is introduced to a wine glass that is filled with petrol; subsequently causing quite a lot of bubbling and the creation of carbon dioxide. 

it’s the production of the gas that causes a ‘barrier’ to form at the top of the glass. this carbon dioxide barrier is what stops the match from lighting the gasoline on fire! 

no matter how hard you try, a lit match will not make it through this barrier as the lack of oxygen causes the match to extinguish itself πŸ€“. it’s a super simple experiment that is massively interesting! 

it turns out that dry ice can also be used to extinguish a gasoline fire … it’s all due to the same principle: carbon dioxide production suffocating the fire πŸ”₯. 

and there you go! if i’m honest, that’s a pretty trimmed down version of what the youtube video taught 😬 but as i said, i wanted to keep it short tonight! also, if you want to learn more about this, then i’m 100% not the person to teach you it, you need to watch the real life video –>here<– … it’s much more exciting and dynamic to watch things burn 😏. **update: i’m not very clever at night πŸ™ƒ could have just embedded the video πŸ˜…**

right, back to fox and the hound 🐢🦊.

tatty bye y’all πŸ‘¨πŸ»β€πŸ”¬ #tdil


you know what, that one may have been short and sweet but i think it was really pretty interesting πŸ˜„. fancy reading some more? you should go read the rest of my blog –>here<–


(the image today is a grab from the video … i guess that as i’m linking to the video and telling you to watch it i can steal a screen grab? πŸ€” hmmmm)

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