today i learned – sun 14th may 2017

i literally cannot think of a decent intro to this blog post today 😳 my brain appears to have turned into some sunday mess of jelly with no ability for thought πŸ˜….

regardless, today we’re going to be discussing possibly the greatest era of history ever πŸ™Š that one with frank sinatra, sammy davis jr, dean martin and marilyn monroe (to name a few πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ˜) … literally #wehavetogoback.

#tdil that it didn’t go well when frank sinatra was born … in fact, they actually thought he wasn’t alive 😳 (there’s some other facts about the icon’s birth as well πŸ‘πŸ»).

so yeah, when he was born on 12th december 1915, frank albert sinatra (cheeky middle name fact 😏) was a not ideal shade of blue that wasn’t breathing. thinking that he hadn’t made it, doctors left frank to one side while they attended to his mother.

it was actually frank’s nan who grabbed him and stuck him under the cold tap … he subsequently sprang to life and made loads of noise (as babies do when you stick them under the cold tap 😳).

during birth, frank was pulled from his mother with the use of forceps … forceps that left a lasting mark on the left side of his face. 

due to the scar that was present on his face (often covered by make up in later years) frank was nicknamed ‘scarface’ as a teenager … a nickname that sounds fairly apt with him being part of the rat pack 😎.

you may think that, of all the sinatra facts that i could have picked, this is possibly the most surreal πŸ™ˆ … i agree … but after doing lots of sinatra research, a lot of the facts that i found were actually just really depressing 😭. 

that said, there were some little gems mixed in (couldn’t make an entire post of those though πŸ˜…). anyway, examples: frank has an asteroid named after him “7934 sinatra” and his catchphrase “scoo-be-do-be-do” was the inspiration behind scooby doo’s name! 🐢

and there you go, yo! a few random frank sinatra facts 😬. there are literally loads of them … if you’d like to have a read, you can find my source right –>here<–

anyhew, i’m gonna go back to watching first dates now #cutestepisodeever 😍 

ta rahhhhhh πŸ‘Ύ #tdil


yaaaaaaay useless facts that are totally unusable in every way πŸ˜„ fancy learning some more ridiculous stuff? see the rest of my blog –>here<– (i really really sold that, didn’t i? πŸ˜‚)


(i had found an amazing picture of mr.sinatra … but it was originally from getty images and i really don’t fancy the huge bill that they’ll give me for using it πŸ™ƒ. therefore, i ended up going with the image that i went with … credit to this person –>here<–)

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