today i learned – sat 13th may 2017

hoorayyyyyy! the blog is a whole two months old today 😬🎊🎉🎂 … that means that i now have an entire 61 days worth of posts about irrelevant stuff posted on the internetweb 🙌🏻 (genuinely, most of them are entirely useless 😅 … you should still read them –>here<–). my mission of becoming an interesting human being is going well 😏

right, to business! unlike a lot of people i actually quite like ants 🐜 i think they’re super clever and genuinely fascinating 🤓. that’s why today’s fact is all about ants (that last bit is actually a lie … i just didn’t know what to write about) 

#tdil that there is a giant ‘mega-colony’ of ants that spans three continents 😮 … three continents?! like, what?! 

this so called ‘mega-colony’ is made up of argentine ants that live in vast numbers in europe, the usa and japan. originally native to south america, argentine ants were accidentally introduced to every continent on earth (except antartica … not exactly the place for ants to thrive 🙃). 

as a rule, argentine ants tend to make really big colonies … it’s just a thing that they do … hence the whole mega-colony thing.

that said, the mega-colony that i speak of is actually made up of three ‘smaller’ colonies on three different continents. now, when i say ‘smaller’ colonies, i actually mean ‘still really ruddy large’ colonies. ready for this?

the european arm of the mega-colony stretches 3700 miles along the mediterranean coast and the us arm 560 miles along the coast of california (i’m no ant expert, but it seems that these argentine ants quite enjoy the sun and sea lifestyle 😏 #yesants). the japanese arm completes the trio but i couldn’t find the size of it 🙃 🇺🇸🇯🇵🇮🇪

want to know something else crazy about the size of this mega-colony? the only other comparable colonisation in the animal kingdom is by us humans 😳 um, ant-apocalypse anyone? 

like me, you’re probably now wondering how on earth they decided that these three substantial colonies are actually the same thing? like, aren’t they just three (amazingly big) separate colonies as oppose to one giant one?

clever people, aka scientists 👩🏻‍🔬, figured out that they are the same colony through a series of tests with lots of ants from different locations across the globe (why they decided to test this in the first place is a mystery to me … who wakes up and thinks “hmmmm, i wonder if ants in japan are the same fam as those in the us” 🤔).

as ants are super territorial, they generally don’t respond well when put with ants from other colonies. meaning that, when the scientists put ants from most colonies (for example: the ants from the west coast of japan and the ants from kobe) together, they would be super aggressive 😡.

however, whenever the ants of the three aforementioned giant colonies were put together they were all super chill; acting like old friends and rubbing antennas (that’s a thing ant chums do apparently). the scientists came to the conclusion that these ants must all be from the same family 👍🏻.

how did this family manage to take over the world? well, the scientists reckon that our accidental introduction of the ants across the world and then subsequent continued accidental transport of the ants, has caused them to constantly mingle between each other. 

fairly long today but, you know, it’s the blog’s two month anniversary, so lets go crazy! despite being a bit longer than usual, i found this one pretty darn interesting! my source was the bbc today 👍🏻 you’ll find it –>here<–

anyhew, thank you for your continued support y’all 🙂 it’s massively appreciated and i will continue to be grateful until the made mega-colony of ants takes over the world 😵🐜.

tallyho! 😍 #tdil


by goodness, what an amazing blogpost! fancy reading some more mad facts? simply go –>here<– … i’m aware that i’ve plugged the blog once already 😂 meh, blog’s birthday 👍🏻


(today’s image came from google … no idea if the copyright rules 😳 but a link to the owner is –>here<– #pleasedontsueme)

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