today i learned – fri 12th may 2017

evening y’all πŸ‘‹πŸ½ happy friyay πŸ™ŒπŸ» don’t know about yours, but my week has been proper long πŸ˜’ #getmewine 

anyway, what better way to end the week than a fact about dogotrons? (and wine🍷). can’t think of a better way? goodgood … you’re in the right place.

#tdil the reason for the order in which wolf packs roam around. as in, how they decide who is upfront, who goes in the middle and who lags behind at the back. 

originally, i thought i’d learned about this due to a post on linkedin – you might have actually seen it πŸ‘πŸ». it was a post all about leadership that outlined the pack order and was going on about leading from the back of the pack blah blah blah … turns out that it was 100% incorrect πŸ˜’. shame really, i found it fascinating 😭

the silver lining in all this is that i’ve ended up learning the real order of the pack and the reason that wolves always walk in a single file line when navigating snow. 

so, lets answer the quick bit first – why wolves walk in a single file line when navigating through snow πŸ€”. 

well, if you’ve ever tried to walk in deep snow, you’ll know just how hard it is! the way that the wolves get over this difficulty is to walk in one line … thus meaning that the front few wolves do the hard work and forge a path through the snow for the less capable πŸ‘πŸ» (i’m totally doing this at our next snowy family walk 😏)

that actually leads us onto the next bit quite nicely. the linkedin post that i saw mentioned that the sick and elderly wolves would walk at the front of the pack so that they could set the pace. considering we just discussed how hard it is to walk in snow … how would that even make sense?! 

nope, wolves don’t actually make the sick and elderly forge the path at the front of the pack πŸ˜’ instead, the guys at the front are usually the leading wolves in the pack – the leading wolves are usually the breeding pair. 

these pack leaders are fit and healthy wolves that will have no problem slogging their way through deep snow and ensuring that there’s a decent path for the weaker wolves in the pack🐺.

if you have seen the post that i’m referring to, then it might be worth me mentioning the story behind it πŸ˜… the internet is rather annoyed at it. so, originally, the photo was taken by david attenborough (aka god) and depicts a wolf pack that is much bigger than they usually are. this particular one was out hunting bison … the usual 10 wolves in a pack can’t take down a huge bison but this pack of 25 could πŸ’ͺ.

far from being led by the elderly and sick, that pack was being led by the alpha female. they walk in a single file line because of the above and (unlike the post suggests) fear no ambushes due to the whole ‘top of the food chain’ thing #lolawks

there you have it party people! we’ve gone though the real reason that wolves walk in a single file line and debunked a social media myth?! #overachieving 😬. just because i like to credit all involved, the page that corrected my knowledge can be found –>here<– 

now, a dude on my telly just straight piped an aston martin … i need to hear this 😱 

laters taters 😊 #tdil


enjoy this little fact? why not read some more by visiting the rest of my blog by clicking –>here<– 😏 … if you’re into animal facts, then ignore that link and go –>here<–


(it seemed only fitting to put the header image to this post as the mr.attenborough picture that inspired it! πŸ™ƒ … don’t know who actually owns it (probably davey a) but the rights are all theirs/his πŸ‘πŸ»)

(note: the straight piped v8 vantage sounds epic 😱😍)

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