today i learned – thurs 11th may 2017

as you’ve probably noticed, i use a lot of emojis, hashtags and terms like lol, lmao and rofl (sometimes, i even use yolo ironically … although, it now occurs so often that i’m not sure it still counts as ironic 😳) … it would seem that i’m not alone,  we all love a good lolololol. 

but, you’ll be interested to know that not all countries ‘lol’  and there are some weird alternatives out there! 

(whilst that first bit may have just seemed like a self-interested paragraph about me, it actually sets us up for today’s little fact about life 👍🏻)

#tdil that the japanese (yes, i’m aware that i am obsessed with japan) don’t use the term lol … instead, they use ‘wwwwwww’ 🤔.

apparently, the japanese have been doing this online for a really long time. like, i would dare to say that the people of jdm land were wwwww’ing way before lol was even a thing. 

so, why the w? well, it comes from the japanese for ‘laugh’ or ‘smile’ – warau or warai 👍🏻 … makes sense really 😂. 

turns out that the japanese aren’t the only ones to have an interesting way of lol’ing – the koreans use ‘kkkkkk’. even more bizarrely the chinese use ‘233’ and the dudes & dudettes in thailand use ‘555’ 😳 … um ok then 👍🏻

and there you go wwwww 🙂 another random fact with literally no application that i can think of 😅. i guess you’re sorted should someone tell you something hilarious in a japanese chat room? if you’re curious, i got this info from –>here<–

right, catch you again tomorrow beautiful people 😘

sayonara 👋🏽 #tdil


i swear that not all of the facts on this blog are quite as useless as this one (not gonna lie, i still found it interesting 💁🏼) anyway, if you don’t believe me, go read more blogposts –>here<– and prove me wrong 😜


(as today’s image is a meme … i’m not sure as to the copyright laws? doesn’t everyone on the internet own all memes? 🤔 #lifesbigquestions)

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