today i learned – tues 9th may 2017

alright, today’s fact is going to legit blow your mind … like a giant fish would a kitten’s 👍🏻

we’re headed back into your childhood to hit your nursery rhyme beliefs right in the feels 😅 #sorrynotsorry

#tdil that the nursery rhyme ‘humpty dumpty’ is actually about a cannon and not an egg 😳 … um, what?! 

so yeah, the nursery rhyme humpty dumpty is about a cannon (who shared the rhymes name) that was used in 1648 during the english civil war. during one particular battle, the cannon (which sat on a battlement) fell from its position and couldn’t be recovered 🔫 (there isn’t a cannon emoji, so ray gun will have to do 🙃)

one day during the war, a cannonball hit the battlement on which humpty dumpty sat … subsequently causing him to ‘have a great fall’. as you can imagine, cannons are really rather heavy 😅 due to this, ‘all the king’s horses and all the king’s men couldn’t put humpty together again’ … this being due to the fact that they couldn’t even lift the darn thing 😳.

the rhyme itself didn’t actually appear until the 1870s and doesn’t expressly mention that humpty dumpty is an egg  – so, where did that bit come from? 

 the whole egg thing actually appeared in 1872 because the lewis carroll novel ‘through the looking glass’ included illustrations of humpty dumpty as an egg throughout 🥚 … just kind of escalated into popular culture from there 🙂.

and that’s the game folks! hopefully i haven’t managed to ruin part of your childhood or anything 😅. you should really look into other nursery rhymes … some (most) are much more sinister than you’d think 😳 … maybe this should be a new mini series 😂🤔

anyway, it’s bed time ‘o’ clock 😬 

au revoir 👋🏽 #tdil


ok, so this one was actually pretty interesting 😏 feel like reading some more? you should totally check out the rest of the blog –>here<–  


(super creepy old school image today 😭 once again taken from the reusable section of google. the license was super complicated 😳 think i’m allowed to use it … who knows 🤔 blog is totally getting me sued one day 👍🏻)

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