today i learned – mon 8th may 2017

oh hey there 👋🏽 fancy seeing you here 😏 good day? learn anything awesome? i learned something about dinosaurs … i’m going to tell you all about it right now! 

(side note: i’m currently watching modern family and it’s actually amazing 😂 #totallydistracted)

anyway! #tdil that not all dinosaur skeletons in museums are actually made of real life dinosaur fossils 😭

this fact actually made me quite upset 😢 i mean, i always thought that they only put big ole skeletons in museums if they found all the bones for said dinosaur 😭 #mylifeisalie

so, if that giant t-rex in your local museum (somebody must have one of those) isn’t made of real life bones, then what is it made of? turns out that sometimes they make casts of bones and use those. 

there’s more to this whole thing than just using casts when they don’t have all the bones – museums use casts for a whole host of reasons. 

one such reason for swapping out real bones for casts is that the particular bone is too physically or chemically unstable to be used. another is that real bones are a lot heavier than casts … meaning that casts are easier to mount 👍🏻 #laziness. 

there’s literally loads of reasons other than the above – in lieu of going through all of them, i’ll link my source below so that you can read more reasons should you want to. 

that said, one more that i found interesting was that, due to casts being ‘easily’ replaceable and relatively lightweight, if you need to loan your skeleton to someone (i imagine many surreal jurrasic park-esque conversations about borrowing a raptor 😂) it’s much easier to send to them and, should it break, it’s easier to replace.

there you have it! a depressing fact that’ll no doubt leave you skeptical next time you visit a museum 🙈 #sorrynotsorry. as i mentioned, there’s a lot more to this topic than i’ve just outlined 😅 i’m going to leave that to an expert. 

if you’d like to read some more (i suggest you do) then you can find my source –>here<– 👍🏻 it’s another wordpress blog, so i feel super good about sharing it (it’s also awesome 😬😬)

right, back to modern family 😎

tatty bye yo! 😜 #tdil


enjoy this random fact? well, i have an entire blog filled with them … fancy exploring? just click –>here<– 


(hey look, a t-rex! today’s picture is once again taken from google’s reusable section … just thought that intro would be more interesting 😂. license is –>here<–)

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