today i learned – sun 7th may 2017

you know, considering the fact that it’s sunday, you’d imagine that i’d be organised enough to get a post up before 11pm 🙈

anyway, today we’re delving back into the land of the animals 😬 … these are always the best facts! 

#tdil the reason why people who handle birds of prey always wear their glove on the left arm. 

the glove is actually called a ‘raptor glove’ 😎 (possibly the coolest name in history) or a gauntlet (also stupidly cool) and it’s always worn on the left arm, regardless of country, bird size, day of the week … etc etc. ever wondered why? no? neither had i 🙃.

regardless, i’m going to tell you the reason because i found it interesting 👍🏻. it’s always worn on the left because in the olden days, falconers on horseback would need their right hand free to hold the reins and military falconers would need their right hand free to grab their sword ⚔️. 

it literally all comes down to tradition 🙂. it also just seems to make sense that – if you’re right handed at least – you keep your right hand free to do stuff … basically, the dudes back in time just used their noggin 😅. 

you know what, when i started writing this, i thought there would be more supporting information than there is 😒 therefore, this has ended up being really short. meh, what can you do? 

i hope that you enjoyed this short but interesting little fact that you can almost certainly use the one time that you do falconry at centre parcs 😏

night y’all 🙌🏻 #tdil 


enjoy that fact about birds of prey? want some more birdy based factoids? well, i recently did a genuinely fascinating one about how epic eagle eyes are 😏 go read it –>here<–


(picture once again comes from the free to reuse section of google … basically meaning it came from wikipedia, like all of the images on that section 😅. the usage stuff is –>here<–)

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