today i learned – fri 5th may 2017

as with most of the random drivel that you’ll find on this blog … today’s little fact was discovered entirely by accident 👍🏻 this is despite the fact that i was a swimmer for the majority of my younger life.

to be honest, i’m really surprised that i’ve never learned this fact until today 🤔 was obviously not as committed to the swim life as i thought i was 🙈

#tdil the reason why your fingers go all wrinkly when you go swimming for any length of time. 

it’s mad, but it’s taken scientists literally thousands of years to figure out the reason for wrinkly swim fingers …  not entirely sure what they’ve been playing at, to be honest. 

anyway, the reason! scientists think that wrinkly fingers are an evolutionary thing that happened to help our ancestors to uproot wet plants when foraging or to give them better grip in wet environments. 

it’s long been thought by many that fingertips actually absorbed water, causing the fingertips to swell and therefore making them go all crinkly. now, however, scientists have said that it’s quite the opposite 🙈 the fingertips shrink when they wrinkle because the blood vessels contract. 

and there you go, your brain is now filled with one more useless (but actually really interesting) fact that’s probably removed your uncle’s birthday or something 😂.

if you feel like you’ve got a hankering for some more wrinkly finger facts and the study that caused the breakthrough, my source is –>here<–

right, it’s now time for me to go and watch some friday night telly 👍🏻 enjoy! 

ta rahhhhh 😎 #tdil 


i don’t know about you, but i think that was pretty damn interesting 😏 feel like you want some more? get yourself over to the rest of my blog –>here<–


(image today came from a youtube video 🙈 not sure which … so, you know, rights belong to whoever owns them 😅)

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