today i learned – weds 3rd may 2017

like most children, i was obsessed with dinosaurs when i was but a wee boy 🐉 like, literally obsessed … to the point that i would often run around pretending to be a dinosaur (embarrassing my parents massively 👍🏻) 

the jurrasic park trilogy definitely didn’t help matters when i was finally allowed to watch them! that said, i think the most recent film – jurrasic world – proved that we all love a good dinosaur film 😏

don’t take everything you see in the films as gospel though 😳 #tdil that a lot of the facts from the original jurrasic park film were actually made up 😱

shall we just get straight into it? lets start with the most upsetting of all the incorrect facts … those that concern the velociraptors.  despite being, in my opinion, possibly the coolest and scariest predators in the film, they really weren’t shown correctly at all 😢.

in the film, velociraptors were portrayed as these terrifying creatures that were human height and had a huge claw on each foot, where in reality they were covered in feathers and only grew to the size of a turkey! that makes them somewhat less scary doesn’t it 😕.

in fact, the film’s velociraptors were more like their larger cousin deinonychus – another member of the raptor family that was also covered in feathers.

there are a couple of stories about why they ended up this way but i couldn’t find a confirmed reason. 

one story goes that the wrong name was given to the velociraptors because of a mislabelling in the 1988 book “predatory dinosaurs of the world”. the author of the book – gregory paul – was said to be a large inspiration when it came to the writing of the original novel on which the film is based.

the other story goes that spielberg preferred the name velociraptor and therefore just changed it … a bit like when coke decided santa should wear red 😒. i genuinely don’t know which is the correct one … but yeah … #theories.

right, enough about raptors … there are a couple of other incorrect facts in the film. for example, dilophosaurus (that little dinosaur with a big frilly face) lost quite a lot of its tall and was given an imaginary ability to spit poison 😳 … in reality, they were as tall as a human and about seven metres long!

to be honest, as the films were so good, you can pretty much let speilberg off for all of the amends. i mean, how boring would the films have been without their raptor superstars? chris pratt training some turkey sized dinosaurs definitely wouldn’t have been as entertaining 🙈 

quite an interesting one today! 😬 love a good film/dinosaur fact … so a combination of the two is always epic! that said, if anyone could find the reason why velociraptors ended up with a new name, i’d be totally appreciative 🙂

anyway, time for some sleepy sleep! 

enjoy 👻 #tdil 


another pub quiz special tonight! 😏 if you enjoyed that and feel that you want some more, just go –>here<– and you’ll find loads more random facts on the rest of my blog 👍🏻


(sadly, the jurrasic park logo is owned by spielberg & co, so i didn’t think they’d want me stealing it 🙃. instead, today’s picture comes from the reusable section of google 👍🏻)

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