today i learned – tues 2nd may 2017

i’ll be honest, the bank holiday has totally thrown me off and i 100% put the day as monday πŸ˜…. 

anyway! i’ve just been to watch guardians of the galaxy 2 and it was the greatest time of my entire life 😍 the downside is that i now have very little time to get this live before i miss today 😳 we should probably get into it. 

#tdil that a new apple patent has been filed for a way to charge your phone over wifi πŸ“‘

now, if you have an iphone like mine (that is over three days old) i can almost guarantee that you struggle with battery issues. honestly, my phone spends so much time plugged in to the charger that it’s basically like an old school phone with a cord. 

this new patent from apple, however, looks like that might change sometime in the fairly near future 😬 … just imagine, walking into a room and having your phone begin to charge itself wirelessly in your pocket #itsmagic

if i’m honest, i thought technology like that was soooooooooo far away … apparently not πŸ™‚. maybe this is the reason that they’ve delayed iphone 8 πŸ€”

the patent covers a few theories that hint at the company investigating contactlessly charging iphones through radio frequencies such as wifi and millimetre waves signals. basically, it proposes that they want to direct the electromagnetic fields usually used for data transmission towards your iphone as a beam of energy. 

how exciting is that?! one day in the near future, you might be able to walk into your local shopping centre or your home and your iphone will auto connect to wifi for internet and begin charging itself! 

now, before you get too excited πŸ™ƒ it’s worth mentioning that apple filed a patent for wireless charging of their imac, from a metre away, back in 2010 … and it wouldn’t seem that anything ever came of that πŸ˜• as per usual with apple, there’s no guarantee that it’ll amount to anything just yet. 

that said, wifi charging technology has already been proven to work with a small camera over a distance of 20ft … the problem being that a small camera uses a lot less power than a smartphone #emotionalrollercoaster

and that shiny happy people is that for today! i actually find this fascinating … future technologies that are actually quite close are totally my jam 😏 (although i do find myself worrying about the health implications of all the mad waves we send out everywhere πŸ€“)

right! sleep time 😴

night y’all πŸ€— #tdil


you should totally check out yesterday’s blog post πŸ™ŒπŸ» it was a cook along that’ll help you create some insane oreo chocolate balls πŸ‘¨πŸΌβ€πŸ³ trust me, you’ll want to get on it –>here<–


(that banner image is apple’s logo … therefore all right obvs belong to apple πŸ‘πŸ» i’d have made something more interesting but i’m in a mad rush πŸ˜…)

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