today i learned – mon 1st may 2017

pinch, punch, first day of the month! … i’ve no idea if i did that at the start of last month πŸ€” meh, recycled material is the best material. 

anyway! today’s thing that i learned is going to be a little different … it’s going to be an ‘interactive’ fact that you can play along with at home! #omg #thefuture.

#tdil how to make some insane oreo cookie balls that are covered in chocolate 😱 … they’re amazing and easy and you need them in your life before the end of the night 😍

those of you reading this that know me in the reals will already know that my endevours of the pudding making kind often end up in “great success” 😳 so much “great success” that i even had a short lived youtube channel! it may have only lasted a few weeks but it’s a miracle that it didn’t cause food poisoning … after reading this, go treat yourself to some comedy gold failure –>here<– πŸ‘πŸ»

my complete uselessness at baking does have its uses though 😏 it means that when i say this recipe is easy, it genuinely is (although i still kinda did it wrong). the end result, if you don’t do a me, is a few balls of sheer oreo glory. 

if i’ve tempted you enough, all you need for this is a pack of oreos (i made two batches – one with standard oreos and the other with the white oreos), two blocks of choccy (for the standard oreos, two blocks of morrisons own brand milk choccy will do. for the white oreos, two blocks of milkybar are the one πŸ‘πŸ») and finally, a 180g tub of cream cheese … i use philly #notasponsoredpost.

right, to start, grab your pack of oreos and get to smashing them up 😏. there are many inventive ways to do this, so let your brain run wild! warning: dropping oreos from ceiling height doesn’t work … they’re surprisingly durable. i found the best method to be brute force and ignorance with a rolling pin. 

once they’re all fairly small chunks (you literally can’t do it wrong) you need to stick them in a mixing bowl. to this bowl of mess, add just over half the tub of philly and get to “folding” it into the oreos. personally, i don’t know how to “fold” when it comes to food, so i tend to just get meh hands in there and mix it all up … it’s horrendously messy and glorious. 

next step, once the mixture is all sticky and thoroughly … erm … mixed, you’ll want to grab a baking tray and cover it in grease proof paper. now, get your hands back into the mixture, grab a handful and turn it into a small ball – unless you’re ocd, it doesn’t need to be a perfect ball. repeat this until the baking tray is full/you run out of mixture … probably the latter. i made mine far too large and so they’re mega sickly. try to keep them pretty small … apparently this amount of mixture should make 8-10.

you now get to take it fairly easy πŸ™ƒ – take your balls and place them in the freezer for 10 minutes (slightly longer if they’re huge). during this 10 minutes, take some time to learn a new dance or read some more of this blog –>here<– 😎 sneaky bit of plugging there.

a couple of minutes before the time is up, break all of your choccy into single squares and place it in a bowl … stick this bowl in the microwave until the chocolate becomes a molten mess – some encouragement with a spoon may be required.

final stage! grab ya balls out of the freezer and get a plate ready for the final product. take each of the oreo balls and roll them in the molten choccy (you’re supposed to just dip them … i prefer to cover them entirely). after each is covered as you’d like, stick them on that aforementioned plate and you’re finished 😍. it helps to place them in the fridge to solidify the chocolate covering … but that isn’t essential. 

that’s all … oreo glory has been achieved – you’re welcome πŸ€“ go forth and enjoy the majesty of this incredible oreo creation. 

in my opinion, the white chocolate ones are life. that said, the standard ones are also amazing … so amazing that i’ve spent a lot of the afternoon in a state of chocolatty death coma. 

that’s all for today! 😬 i hope you enjoy this post on a level that no other post has allowed πŸ‘πŸ»

until tomorrow πŸ‘¨πŸΌβ€πŸ³ #tdil


that was by far the tastiest blog post i’ve done. i’d usually plug the rest of my blog here … but i already did that earlier. just in case you missed it, the rest of the blog is –>here<– 😘


(that image is of the final product 😏 not going to lie, i’m so damn in love with them 😱)

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