today i learned – fri 28th apr 2017

so, i’m still on the hunt to answer the request that i received yesterday 😒 who knew that finding out information about glassware would be so difficult?! #ergh

anyway, during my time spent browsing the internetweb and tweeting all of the people. i accidentally learned something else about glassware 👍🏻 so, for today at least, you’re stuck with that one 😅

#tdil the reason why glass tumblers are called ‘tumblers’ … i also learned that the word ‘tumbler’ was actually a thing 🙈 #awks

if you’re currently sat there wondering what a ‘tumbler’ is … it’s that standard mid-sized drinks glass that literally everyone uses at all times – if you’ve ever drank a liquid before, you’ve probably used one. 

right, now that we’ve got that all cleared up,  i can explain the reason why they have their name 😏. 

the name can be traced back to the 17th century, when tumblers were made of metal and had a rounded base (this is where the name makes a lot of sense). 

due to the rounded base, the metal tumblers had a tendency to ‘tumble’ when put down on a table. if i’m completely honest, i don’t really understand why you’d create a cup with a rounded base?! 

they apparently didn’t at any mad angles that would cause too much spillage … in fact, experts (yeah, there are glass experts) reckon that they were actually weighted a point that they could stabilise themselves 🥃.

despite no longer having a rounded bottom, modern day tumblers are still called tumblers due to the size of the glass – today’s tumblers are about the same size as the medieval ones. 

useless fact complete 🙂 i’m quite enjoying having a blog filled with useless facts! what started as a mission to become more interesting and learn all the things, has somewhat turned into a bunch of things straight from the brain of karl pilkington 😂 … meh, i love it ❤️

until tomorrow 🐟 #tdil


fancy learning some more (probably slightly more useful) facts? you’re in luck 😏 i’ve a whole blog filled with them 😬 just go –>here<–


(today’s image comes from ikea’s website 😳 in an effort to make them not sue me … click –>here<– and go buy something 👍🏻 … not sponsored, i just like ikea)

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