today i learned – thurs 27th apr 2017

today, i received my first ever request to learn something! how very exciting 😬😬

however, this blog post isn’t about the thing that was requested 😳 #sozza … you’re going to have to wait for it, i’m afraid (because i haven’t found an answer to the question yet 😅). anyway, on with the show 👍🏻

#tdil that the colour ‘orange’ is named after the fruit and not the other way around 😱

the colour orange has been used throughout history … even artists in ancient egypt used it thanks to an orange mineral pigment called realgar.

regardless of its use throughout history and across the globe, before the 15th century it had no name in europe … it was just known as ‘yellow-red’. can’t help but feel a bit sorry for poor ole orange. 

it was the arrival of the first orange trees from asia in the 15th/16th century that prompted the colour to eventually get its name 🍊. originally the trees arrived with the sanskrit name ‘naranga’ but this gradually became the english ‘orange’ 🙂. 

super quick one today … either way, this seems like prime trivia fodder 😏 just seems like one of those things you should know 👍🏻

anyway, back to finding out he answer to my request! 

latez 🙌🏻 #tdil


enjoy this random little fact? you’re in luck, i have an entire blog filled with stuff like it! i’ve done all the leg work, all you have to do is click –>here<–


(actually own the header image for once #ruddymiracle 😂 i might be the world’s most unhealthy human, but i do own a single orange 👍🏻 … mainly just to look at though) 

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