today i learned – sun 23rd apr 2017

ok, i have a feeling that this one is going to be quite short 😅 … i know that i say that a lot but tonight i’ve one hell of a headache and i’m not entirely sure how to actually drag this one out to make a decent length blogpost 😳 … i’m sure i’ll find a way. 

anyway, today’s fact is incredibly random and concerns itself with everyone’s favourite tubular crisps that you just can’t stop eating – pringles. 

#tdil the name of the dude that forms the pringles logo! 😱

now, i usually deliberately only write about things that i feel will make for a half distant read … but honestly, i couldn’t not include this random bit of info! before you read the next paragraph, i think you should take a guess at his name 😏

… ready?

the pringle man’s name is ‘julius pringles’ 😎 … how ruddy glorious is that name!? he was designed and named in the late ’60s by a dude named louis r. dixon. i did some additional digging to try and find out why they chose that name but i don’t think there’s any specific reason! 

that’s all folks! told you it’d be a short one today 🙈 that said, i think that this one might actually come in handy in a pop quiz some day 😏 if not a pop quiz … at least you can blast it out at every party you ever attend 🤓.

anyway, i think my brain is going to explode, so i’m going to get some sleep 😭

night!!!!!!! 😴 #tdil


did you enjoy this little fact? why not spend some more time on my little blog and read some more!? all you have to do is go –>here<– 😃.


(obviously, today’s image had to be the pringles logo! i got it from google images and obviously don’t own it 👍🏻 rights belong to pringles (?) i guess 🙈 #pleasedontsueme)

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