today i learned – fri 21st apr 2017

due to me being generally amazed by flying contraptions and having only recently got back off holiday, i’m literally loving today’s little life lesson … “life lesson” is a strong phrase to use 😂 

anyway, #tdil that a recent proposal (that went mad viral on social … apparently 🤔) saw a dude say that we should start using circular runways instead of the boring straight ones that we currently have 😳. 

now, saying “a dude” doesn’t really do the guy justice (he’s not just a random hipster who wants to change stuff up) his name is henk hesselink and he’s a dutch engineer that works out of the netherlands aerospace centre 👍🏻. 

receiving funding from the european commission, the circular or ‘endless’ runway project aims to solve the issue of restricted airport space that is currently preventing the “expected three-fold growth in air traffic”.

as you can imagine, unlike modern, straight runways, a circular runway with a 3km diameter would totally help to prevent the size of airports 👍🏻 … removing the need for multiple runways as up to three planes could simultaneously take-off and land 😏. 

of course, it’s a concept that isn’t without its problems – coming under significant criticism from both joe bloggs public and people within the aviation world when the bbc shared the video last month… you know, because it’s a circular runway!? 

to name just a couple of issues: take-off and landing becomes harder, wet/icy weather would reduce the speed that a plane could reach on take-off, instrument landing systems wouldn’t work and emergency landings could become exciting 😬. whilst i’m not going to go into depth about all of his answers, henk has managed to give solutions to all of the issues in a recent bbc interview 😎 … you can read that –>here<–.

henk accepts that the project is ‘novel’ and ‘ambitious’ idea, but also says that if you’d told people 100 years ago that we could stick people in a tin can and fly them to anywhere in the world, they’d have found you equally as mental #fairpoint. 

fini! i’m aware that i’ve been fairly brief with details in this post … but the reason for this blog is to get the main point across 👍🏻 my brain isn’t capable of remembering more than that 😂😅. if you’d like to learn more you can either go –>here<– or watch the controversial video below (or both, i’m not your boss).

byeeeee now! 🛫🛩🛬 #tdil


you’ve got to admit … this one was actually quite interesting today 🤓. if you don’t feel like you’ve quite got your fill of interesting uselessness, you should read the rest of my blog –>here<–


(that image of the project came from henk’s website 🙃 therefore, all rights belong to him and his team etc etc etc etc) 

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