today i learned – weds 19th apr 2017

so, ever since discovering this little nugget on snapchat earlier, i’ve been incredibly excited 😏 … mainly because today’s little bit of info is emoji based 😬😬

#tdil that it is possible to create your own emoji and have it published on all the many different phones of this world 😱😱 #lifegoals

before we get into how you can have yourself a merry time creating your very own emoji, i thought we could quickly go through how the emojis actually end up on your phone – there’s a legit process and everything. 

prior to emojis ending up on your phone, each and every one has to go through the ‘unicode consortium’ … i know it sounds like something out of star trek but they’re genuinely a thing and i need to join.

the unicode consortium is a non-profit organisation that standardises letters and characters on computers through their system – unicode. each update of unicode that they release brings at least one new emoji and aims to ensure that you never end up with those annoying diamond “image not found” looking things. 

phone makers don’t have to add each new unicode update to their updates … but they tend to anyway … you know, because we all love emojis 😏😍.

now, to everything that you’ve been waiting for – how do you get to create your own emoji? basically, all you have to do is submit your emoji to the unicode consortium 😬

while that may sound pretty simple, sadly it isn’t 😢 and it takes a lot of time 😒. firstly, you need to design your emoji and ensure that it’s unlike anything else or there. once you’ve created your emoji, the real hard work begins – you must now explain (and prove) to the unicode consortium why your emoji should pass a whole host of different criteria … one example of these criteria is ‘usage’.

in the usage section of the test, you must explain and demonstrate exactly how much your emoji is going to be used – it’s really not worth their time if your emoji is only going to be used by you! 💁🏼. this means that you’ll  have to be able to give them actual credible numbers of just how massive and usable your emoji is going to be … you’ll also have to try and prove to them that your emoji could have multiple different usages 🤔.
providing you can get through the criteria, you’re cooking on gas 🙌🏻 … that said, they’re pretty darn strict; they won’t publish anything that is overly specific or anything remotely similar to something that already exists (e.g: there’s already some french fries, so they won’t make wedges or anything like that).

also…the whole process takes about a year and a half 😅 (told you that you’d need time). if i’m honest, we all flit around so much that it’s a wonder how anything culturally relevant ever makes it into our emoji keyboards while still counting as ‘cool’ 😂.

and there you go! you could make your own emoji and have it published everywhere! #dontstopbelieving. totally useless as usual … but you never know, may come in handy one day 👍🏻

my source for this was snapchat … if you’re quick, you might just catch the whole story … no guarantees though 😂

byyyyyyyye 😎 #tdil


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(today’s picture is another one that i actually own! #twoinarow. it’s my old car 😢 with yet more stickerbomb goodness 👍🏻)

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