today i learned – tues 18th apr 2017

right, it’s late and i’m mad tired after only just finishing my first day back at work after almost two weeks off 😴 (it’s 11pm and i enjoy moaning – hope you all had a good first day back!) so this is probably going to be pretty short! 

that said, i found this little fact pretty random and fascinating 😂 #tdil the reason why crackers have holes in them – yes, there’s an actual genuinely important reason! 🤓

when i say crackers, i’m talking full on jacob crackers … you know, the big square crackers (i’m not sure  what they’re called in other countries, sorry 😢 … i’m yet to choose an image for this post but if future me is clever then the header image should explain all for you!) 

anyway, it turns out that the holes are actually pretty darn important when it comes to the whole “cooking the perfect cracker” thing as they prevent the cracker from becoming either too dry or bubbly.

wondering how it works? well, when crackers are manufactured, they’re cooked using steam. the holes are there to ensure the cracker cooks correctly during this steaming process 💨.

 if the holes are too close together then too much steam will escape and the cracker will subsequently become hard and dry. if the opposite happens and the holes are too far apart then bubbles will form and the cracker will end up with lots of raised sections (apparently this is undesirable?)

told you it’d be a quick one today! 🙈 who knew that those holes served a deeper purpose than just making crackers look pretty? i feel like i’ve underestimated every little cracker that i’ve used to enjoy cheese and branston pickle 😍.

anyway! sleep is most definitely required … there’s only so much awake synthetic sleep (aka coffee) can give you! ☕️

speak tomorrow y’all! 😘 #tdil


if, unlike me, you’re able to stay awake later than 11pm, you should most certainly check out the rest of this blog to learn some more things that are just as useless as this! all you have to do is go –>here<– … never know, i might answer a question that you’ve always asked yourself 🤔


(for today’s image i’ve once again been raiding the reusable section of google! as promised up above ⬆️ i’ve been useful and gone with an image of the type of cracker i mean 😬👍🏻)

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