today i learned – mon 17th apr 2017

first of all, i hope that you’ve had a great bank holiday weekend! 🙂 it’s always good to have a chill and recharge before heading back out into the hectic world of work 👍🏻.

anyway, on with business 🤓 … i had planned for today’s lesson to be about the reason that bike tires go randomly flat if you don’t ride for a while (i overheard it earlier today and the reason sounded cool).

turns out that it’s actually really boring and i need to look into it more 😒. instead, i’ve turned my eye to something else and learned a different lesson 😬

#tdil the reason why some car taillights flicker when filmed.

this may be something that you’ve noticed whilst watching evo or top gear – the taillights of certain new cars flickering wildly – you’ll probably note that you’ve never noticed this in person 🤔

the reason for this is that the cars in question have led taillights (you’ll notice it on headlights as well sometimes). led lights aren’t always “on”, instead they’re constantly pulsing on and off – you’ll never see this in person because they pulse too quickly for the human eye to compute. 

unlike the human eye, however, camera refresh rates can pick up the pulsing leds … hence the flickering lights 😏. if you’ve followed the blog for the last month or so, then you’ll know that we’ve talked about camera refresh rates or “frame rates” already, when we discussed the ‘wagon wheel effect’ and the helicopter that seemed to fly without the rotors spinning. 

for that reason, i’m going to leave this here. if you’d like to dive into this in more depth, however, you can find my piece all about frame rates –>here<– … whilst it doesn’t directly mention the above, it does still explain the reason 🙂.

on that note, i need sleep before my first day back at work after two weeks! apologies that this is fairly brief 😢 i was all set with a topic and it went boobies up 😭. 

hopefully you still found that interesting! 

ta rahhhhhh 


if you enjoyed this, i have a whole host of blog posts that are totally even more interesting! go forth and read them –>here<–


(for once i’m using a picture that i actually took 😏 no copyright infringements today 😅 #yaaaaaaay)

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