today i learned – sun 16th apr 2017

right, today we’re doing more of a mythbusting exercise than a thing that i learned (although, i did also learn something … so it totally still counts!)

straight into it today! 😏 #tdil that putting a spoon in a bottle of champagne doesn’t make it go flat slower 😒😭

now, i’m not saying that i drink a lot of champagne or prosecco but i’ve always stuck a spoon in the top of a bottle when i’ve opened it. if i’m honest, i’ve no idea why … i was just told that it’s what you do 🍾.

if you’ve never heard of this bizarre little action – i can see you over there, looking all confused – then let me enlighten you! the idea is that by putting a spoon in the top of a bottle of sparkling wine goodness, you prevent the bubbles from escaping too quickly – thus expanding the life of your precious bottle 👍đŸģ.

sound like rubbish? well, there’s actually some science behind it 😏🤓. originating in france hundreds of years ago, they initially thought that sticking a silver spoon in a bottle would dispel the bubbles before they could escape the bottle 🤔 … thus meaning that more bubbles stayed in the drink.

these days, the generally accepted theory is that the silver spoon cools the air within the bottle faster … due to the cool air being denser, this causes a shield of cold air to sit on top of the liquid and prevents the bubbles from escaping as quickly. 

unfortunately, despite millions of people across the world subscribing to this lovely notion, the general consensus from actual scientists and champagne experts (and the mythbusters themselves) is that the trick doesn’t actually do anything ☚ī¸. 

just one example of this comes from researchers at the ‘interprofessional committee of champagne’ (a committee that i really want to join 😱). the team of grape growers and winemakers from champagne’s homeland in france tested the pressure of champagne bottles – all from the same batch – in a whole range of situations. 

in amongst the situations was a bottle opened and left without a spoon and one with a spoon … they found that both decreased in carbonation in exactly the same way 🙃.

there you have it … it’s a myth afterall đŸ˜ĸ i feel like my whole life has been a lie 😐. even so, i think i’ll still throw a spoon in there for the sake of nostagia – i quite like the romantic little notion that putting a silver spoon in the neck of a bottle saves the bottle đŸ˜Ŧ.

there are no end of articles about this habit and whether it is legit or not. if you’d like to read more, i have two sources today (yes! a whole two!) that you can read –>here<– and –>here<–

right, that’s enough excitement for one day! i think that right now i’m just going to go to bed 😴 really properly tired today … at least there’s no work tomorrow! 


if more champagne facts aren’t you bag (or if they are to be honest) then i have an entire blog filled with other things that you can browse and learn 👍đŸģ all you have to do is go –>here<–


(the picture today is actually owned by me! (ish). it was taken by my mate olly when we accidentally almost ended up driving to africa 😂 … it was one hell of a trip, i can assure you of that.)

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