today i learned – fri 14th apr 2017

unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll probably be aware of all the mad things that trump has been up to recently that often end up with a large explosion 💥. 

now, i’m not going to get all political (put bluntly, i don’t know enough about world politics 👍🏻) however, today’s fact is us president based and i couldn’t think of another intro 🙈.

#tdil that there is such thing as a “designated survivor” – a dude/dude-ess that becomes president should all of congress be killed 😳.

i actually learned this whilst at my friend’s house because they introduced me to the new netflix show by the same name (if you haven’t started watching it yet then you totally have to 😱).

in the show, keifer sutherland plays a low level cabinet member who is named as the ‘designated survivor’ (not a spoiler lol you learn this within, like, 20 seconds) – it turns out that this is a real life actual thing. 

so, what is a designated survivor or ‘designated successor’? well, as mentioned above, the designated survivor is a person that is in the presidential line of succession and would therefore replace the president should all of the cabinet be destroyed 💣.

the person is usually also a member of the united states cabinet, the difference, however, is that they are kept in a distant, undisclosed and secure location when the president and the country’s other top leaders meet up in the same place. 

as you may already know, there is a line of people that are set to take control should the president become not alive anymore ☠️  they’re the aforementioned “presidential line of succession” and they’re there to ensure that there is always someone in charge. 

having someone in an entirely separate and secret location to all of them just means that there is definitely, 100%, always somebody who can step in as president if poo really really hits the fan 💩.

the whole ‘designated survivor’ thing is something that was started during the cold war due to the threat of nuclear attack ☢️ and has never stopped – even trump has one! 

if you think about it, it makes total sense to have something like this – if i’m honest, it’s just something that i’ve never thought about! i wonder if we have something like it in the uk 🤔 maybe that’s something to learn for another day. 

until then! that’s all you’re having on the topic i’m afraid 🙈 you should just go and watch the show and see all of the above in a much more exciting format! at least now when you watch it, you know that it’s a real thing that could happen! (in theory at least, it never actually has).

right, that’s all for today 🙂 if you’d like more, then you can read (and watch) about a real designated survivor –>here<–.

byeee, in case i don’t see ya: good afternoon, good evening and goodnight 🙃 #tdil


if you find a break inbetween binges on the fantastic show that i mentioned above (and have linked below), you should totally check out the rest of the blog … it’s pretty dope and you’ll find it –>here<– … see, i even gave you a link to make it super easy 👍🏻


(so, that picture obviously belongs to netflix/abc 😳 … as such, –>here<– is a link to the show on netflix! it’s genuinely awesome, so go and watch it … it might also stop them taking all my money 👍🏻) 


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