today i learned – thurs 13th apr 2017

yippeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! 😬😬 the blog is two months old today! 🎉🎊🎈🎈. that means that people have now put up with none stop drivel, daily, for a whole two months 🙈.

despite the aforementioned “drivel”, it’s actually grown a fair amount in the two months … so a mad thank you for that! 😊

anyway, on with the important stuff! as it’s a “landmark” date for the blog, i thought i’d learn something about what else has happened on this day in the past 👍🏻. #tdil that on this day in 1912, the royal flying corps (rfc) was founded 🛩.

part of the british army both before and during world war one, the royal flying corps was the air arm of the force. it later combined with the naval air service in 1918 and became the raf that we know today.

arguably more important than this tiny little blog 😳 initially the rfc were utilised to support the british army by providing artillery co-operation and photographic surveillance. 

eventually, however, rfc pilots found themselves embroiled in dogfights with german pilots before starting to assist ground troops by providing bombing runs on german airfields and industry. 

as mentioned above, the rfc became the raf that we know and love in 1918 when it combined with the naval air service. at the end of ww1 and before becoming the raf, the rfc could boast over 900,000 flying hours logged, 6,942 tons of bombs dropped and over 7,000 german aircraft & balloons destroyed, “driven down” or sent down out of control – pretty good stats when you consider these states concern only 1914-1918! 

despite becoming the raf in 1918, some pre-raf ranks continued until 1919. this is the reason why some gravestones from the period are marked with ranks that no longer exist in the modern raf system. 

there you go! you’re now smarter than you were about two minutes ago … unless you already knew this fact 👍🏻. it’s a fairly short one but i think it’s pretty good today 😬

if you’d like to know more about this fun filled topic, i got all of my facts from –>here<–. that said, i initially found out that the rfc happened today on “on this day” … that one’s pretty fun 😏 you’ll find it –>here<–

anyway, we just got back to ‘sunny’ britain, so i’m off for food! be good y’all 😏

see you tomorrow! 😘


sat wanting more interesting good stuff? well, you’re in luck! i’ve a whole blog of fun facts for you to enjoy 😃. if you’d like to read more, you just need to go –>here<–


(unfortunately, i don’t own an rfc regimental badge 😅 … so, as per usual, i’ve had to consult google images 😒. today’s image comes from a website that sells regimental badges 👍🏻 go buy one –>here<–)

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