today i learned – tues 11th apr 2017

despite the fact that we’ve been on holiday for almost a week now, last night was the first time that we’ve actually encountered the infamous cockroach (this year at least). 

as you’d expect, as charlie (that’s his name) came barreling towards our patio, there were screams & shouts and a rather large kerfuffle broke out. it was highly amusing watching multiple people jump onto chairs like the lady out of tom and jerry 😂

after all of the excitement had ended and conversation began once more, there were no end of claims about how indestructible roachs are and how squashing them releases their eggs 🤔. 

i’ve subsequently investigated this fact 👍🏻 #tdil that you don’t release the young in some horror movie-esque way when you step on a cockroach (to be honest, you shouldn’t be stepping on them anyway … it’s mean 😠).

but yes, according to expert roberto pereira – an entomologist from the university of florida – stepping on a cockroach will most likely kill it and any eggs that it may have on its person 🥚.

this is because cockroaches actually bundle their eggs in a hard brown case called an ‘ootheca’. it acts as an incubator for the eggs and can be really big in comparison to the insect itself 😳 (if i’ve done well in my google search, the header image will show exactly that 😏). 

the female cockroach will carry this ootheca around for a short amount of time whilst looking for a place to hide it – once a suitable safe place is found, she’ll stick it to something and leave it be.

at least, that’s what some species do … it varies a tad. german cockroaches store their ootheca on their abdomen until the eggs hatch and madagascan hissing cockroaches will hatch their eggs inside their body and then release them (in my head i just sang “please release me, let me goooooo 🎵”).

the fact that most cockroaches only carry the ootheca around for a little while means that you’re unlikely to catch it whilst it has it … regardless, if you happen to catch one when it does have the ootheca on it, squishing it will undoubtably mean squishing all the eggs as well. even if you don’t entirely crush the ootheca, any holes or breaks in it will render it useless and the eggs will die 😢. 

if it’s a different species of cockroach that keeps the young/eggs with them, then the bottom of your shoe will almost certainly me the end of both mommy and the kids ☹️. 

anyway, even with this new information that makes cockroaches less scary, you shouldn’t be walking around crushing them … it’s not nice and is only a short leap away from shooting grandma 🙃. take this knowledge with you in life but please don’t start killing things 😭 #withgreatpowercomesgreatresponsibility. 

if you’d like to learn more about this, then you can find my source –>here<–. it’s actually part of a bigger post about bug myths … it’s proper interesting 😬

there you go! myth busted 😏 i should be on that tv show … i know it doesn’t exist anymore, but i could restart it 😎.

anyway! i’ve very slightly marked my tooth and now i’m paranoid … time for more sun! ☀️.

au revoir 🐜 #tdil


if you’d like to read more interesting facts about things that i’ve learned (avoid yesterday’s … it wasn’t great) then you just need to go –>here<–


(as promised up above, today’s picture is a cockroach with an ootheca 😶. it’s from the reusable part of google images but originated on an ootheca article on wikipedia that you can find –>here<–)

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