today i learned – sun 9th apr 2017

as it’s horrendously warm both where i am abroad and at home 😒 (a fact that i’m not impressed by) i thought that today’s thing to learn about should be the dreaded menace that is sunburn 🔥. 

#tdil what both sunburn and suntans actually are 🌞 … to be honest, it’s something that i’ve always wondered. 

just so that we start with something nice (and it probably makes sense in terms of order) we’re going to quickly discuss what a suntan is 👍🏻 – we all know that laying out in the hot sun for a long period will make you eventually turn brown … but why does that happen? 

well, whilst you’re out having a little sunbathe, the sun is firing lots of ultraviolet radiation at you – this is also known as uv. moderate exposure to the sun’s uv causes the body to produce two chemicals – melanin and vitamin d.

melanin is a natural pigment that is created by cells called ‘melanocytes’ through a process called ‘melanogenisis’. the cells create two different types of melanin: pheomelanin, which is red, and eumelanin which is a very dark brown. the melanin that is created helps to protect your skin from the effects of uv rays and is also the cause of you turning brown. 

as you sunbathe, your body releases more melanin into the cells to help prevent damage to the skin – this increased melanin subsequently makes you look browner 😬.

interestingly, this actually means that a suntan forms natural protection against sunburn! in fact, a suntan can provide an spf of about 3 … meaning that tanned skin can tolerate 3 times more uv radiation than pale skin. 

that said, regardless of how #tan you are, if you are exposed to too many uv rays, you will end up with the dreaded sunburn 😷 #ouch (after one year where i had literally the worst sunburn that has ever happened … i’m now super paranoid about it 😅). 

you may not know this but sunburn is actually classed as a type of radiation burn ☢️ … and is a reaction by the body to direct dna damage 😳.

there were lots of complex words and diagrams when i looked into this bit, but it basically demonstrated that uvb rays fly along and literally destroy parts of your dna #scary. 

the body reacts to this by starting to repair broken dna, apoptosis (where your body deliberately kills cells in a controlled way … it does this every day regardless), peeling to remove irreparable skin cells and increased production of melanin to help prevent any further damage. 

sunburn also causes an inflammatory process that produces chemicals to increase heat sensitivity in certain areas … not sure why it does this … because pain, i guess 😒. 

and that’s today’s super happy little lesson complete 🙈 to be honest, all this has done is make me dislike the idea of sunburn even more 🙃. that said, i hope you enjoy the rest of your sunday in the sun ☀️😬.

tarrrr raaaaaaaah! 😜 #tdil


if you decide that you need some reading whilst you’re sunbathing, i’ve an entire blog filled with interesting facts! (well, some interesting … some mainly useless). if you’d like some more, simply go –>here<– 😬

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