today i learned – sat 8th apr 2017

so, day three of holiday learning is here! so far, it’s been an undoubtable success as it’s 22 degrees, sunburn still hasn’t reared its ugly head 😏 #achievementunlocked and i’ve managed to continue daily blogging 😬.

anyhew, holiday update complete – because you all care so much – i’m now going to go totally off the topic of the sun and on to something more day-to-day (for me at least) – google searches 🤓.

#tdil that google handles an estimated 1 billion search queries each and every day, releasing almost 200 tons of co2 per day.

 now, just before we start, i’d like to take a moment to say that i was actually sent this fact a few days ago by megazord (aka megz/ aka megatron/aka megan) but i’ve only just had time to actually look into the fact … in my book, until you actually look into something and learn the meat behind it, it doesn’t really count as learning … it’s more just reading a thing. 

anyway, like me, you may find yourself asking the question: “how on earth does a simple google search create any co2 at all? let alone 200 tons a day?”. before i answer that question, let me give you some context of just how massive 200 tons is … to create 200 tons of co2: 

  • a 747 could fly non-stop for 6.31 hours.
  • the average car could be driven for 324 continuous days. 
  • a 42″ tv could be left on for 137 years. 

that’s pretty mental isn’t it?! every day, google creates the same co2 as a 747 flying for over six hours?! #what. (figures according to it’s actually a proper interesting little calculator, have a go –>here<–).

right, let’s answer that question. all of that co2 is produced by the electricity required to power each search 🔌 … every time that you search for cute pictures of cats, ryan gosling with his top off or this incredibly perfect and interesting blog that you should totally subscribe to 😏, your search requires electricity not only for your computer but also all of the means required to send your request all over the globe 💻➡️🌎. 

in fact, each and every search is thought to generate 7g of co2! that means that every two searches is equivalent to a kettle being boiled ☕️ … even this blog post (up to this point) took the equivalent of a 48 minute journey in a normal car! 

that said, if you think about it, it totally makes sense; whilst we often all just think about the interwebnet as this intangible thing that just floats about with no ties to anything – just like the smoke from lost but less angry – it actually only exists thanks to millions (possibly billions?) of servers all over the world that all require electricity in order for them to run. 

so, how do we get around this surprisingly scary little fact? well, after creating another 7 grams of co2 in order to find the website that i linked above again, i found that they also show how you could combat the co2 in each calculation that you do. 

in total, this blog has now created 28 grams of co2 #sorryworld 😢 … however, this could be combatted by 0.09 households using a lower water temperature heater for a year or 0.08 households having zero bottled water for a year. 

i think that the moral of the story here is to be aware of how much damage everything does to the world and to therefore make the sensible changes that you can to remain as carbon neutral as you possible. i’m not going to be an eco warrior and pretend that i’m perfect because i’m far from it (jeez, i drive supercars and racecars for a living 😳) but i think there’s probably more that most of us could do to save the polar bears! 🐻 (<- i’m aware that isn’t a polar bear but lets pretend that it is).

right, anyway, that’s “all she wrote” on that little fact 🙃 (i’ve no idea where i picked that quote up from). if you’d like to know some more, my source was the telegraph and can be found –>here<–.

get calculating that co2 and saving those polar bears! 

tatty bye! 🤓


if you have a hankerin’ for some more little facts like this, i have a whole blog filled with them and you can find it –>here<–

(today’s picture of google’s logo was stolen from google so google are probably going to sue me for the use of the google logo 😳. meh, they’re killing the planet with their co2 💁🏼 (they could be trying to combat it but i didn’t actually look). anyway, this particular google logo was used –>here<–)

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