today i learned – fri 7th apr 2017

hello, shiny happy people! day two of laying in roasting hot sun is going well 👍🏻 so far, many beer/gin has been drank and i’ve only tried to steal one cat from the litter of random cats at the harbour 🙃 (strange place for cats to live).

anyway! down to business 🙂 despite being on holiday, the learning must go on! therefore, i’ve been all over the life lessons … i use that term loosely … especially as it was during a snapchat catch-up that i learned today’s thing 😬

#tdil that there is a berry out there that can make sour things taste sweet and they’re hoping to use it to stop obesity. 

how cool is that?! a random berry, that is known as ‘the miracle berry’, can stop eating a chunk of lemon from feeling like your mouth is melting and instead make it taste super sweet like lemonade 🍋.

wondering how it does it? well, the berry in question contains a protein called miraculin. this protein binds with the taste bud receptors and tricks them all into detecting sweet things – subsequently boosting the sweet receptors while it’s at it. 

the trickery can last for anything from 30mins to two hours & beyond and basically means that everything that you eat tastes sweet. due to this, it could be the future of weight loss and eating less sugary foods 👍🏻.

in fact, it’s already being used in some places in lieu of sugar in things like doughnuts and cakes. using miraculin as a straight alternative to sugar, you can create all of the sweet sugary treats you’d usually eat but without the calories 😏. you can also put it on things like vegetables to make them taste like sweets! … in the future, people are only going to eat sweet stuff 🙈

and that’s that for today! pretty short but still interesting 😬. i don’t know about you, but i’m really curious what it’s like! anyway, enjoy the rest of your day! i’m going to continue getting burned ☀️🔥.

byyyyyyyyyyyyye 🐠 #tdil


if you’d like to read more random little facts like this go –>here<– . personally, i’d check out yesterday’s, it was properly deep and philosophical 😏

(that’s a picture of the actual berries 🍓 it’s from the reusable section of google but is originally from wikipedia (i think). as such, go –>here<– to read a more intellectual approach to the above 👍🏻)

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