today i learned – weds 5th apr 2017

when it comes to preparing for holidays, there are two types of people in this world – those who are super prepared and those who pack the night before 🙈 … i can safely say that i’m the latter of the two. 

tomorrow (in four hours) we go on holiday! 😬 #yaaaaay but i’ve only just packed … really hope that i’ve got everything. anyway, the fact i’m already getting zero sleep and still have things to do, this is probably going to be super short (i always say that) and holiday based! 

#tdil why you’re allowed potentially explosive things in a plane’s cargo hold and not hand luggage. 

it’s a funny one isn’t it – why on earth can i take things that they consider could be explosive with me on a plane but only if it’s not with me whilst i’m chilling in the passenger bit? now, by ‘explosive’ i don’t mean full on tnt! i’m talking things like laptops when they recently put an ‘electronics ban’ in place.

well, i’d originally been told two reasons but i’m yet to find the evidence to support them 🙃. just for reference, the reasons i had been told were that the cargo hold is unpressurised and that cargo is kept in ‘bomb-proof’ containers.

after some internetweb research, I have found that it all comes down to how sophisticated a bomb would need to be if it was left in the hold. when left in the cargo hold, a bomb would need a complicated timer or pressure barometer … these things make it easier for the guys in baggage when looking for explosives. 

there’s also all of the logistical issues that come with a bomb on a timer … things that i’d never even considered! if a bomb is set on a timer, then what if the plane is delayed or the timer malfunctions and it doesn’t go off until after the bag is taken back off the plane?! #bombproblems

anyway … it’s nearly midnight, so i really need to get this live! if you’d like to read more, then you need to go –>here<–

i need to go bye travel insurance 👍🏻 speak later yo #tdil


(i actually own that picture for once 😬😬😬)

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