today i learned – tues 4th apr 2017

today, we have another random fact that was inspired whilst out on a lovely walk with my dogatrons 🐶 … all because henry found me a little stick present 😬 (that molly later ate 🙃)

but why do dogs love sticks so much? #tdil the reason why – gotta enjoy a little doggo fact 👍🏻

after a bit of research, i’ve managed to find out quite a lot … meaning that i now know the reasons why dogs love to find sticks, chase sticks and chew on sticks! … it’s been a busy one 😅.

anyway, the first question – why do dogs love to find and chase sticks? the answer is that over the course of the super long relationship us humans have had with dogs, we spent a lot of them teaching dogs to retrieve prey for us. 

that means that, even though most domesticated dogs aren’t used for hunting, it’s still deeply engrained in their dna. so, when your dog brings you a stick, they’re simply fulfilling their need to bring you prey 🙂. 

it’s this hunting instinct that also fuels the ‘why do dogs chase sticks?’ question. by throwing a stick (or toy for that matter) you’re simulating the hunt – quenching your dog’s need to hunt for stuff. apparently, when they play tug-of-war, it simulates the feeling of the prey fighting back. if i’m honest, it all makes playing with your dog sound a bit sinister 😳 (although, they do also find it super fun 😬 so all is well).

a final little fact about dogs and sticks! they chew on sticks for a couple of different reasons. firstly, they help to keep your dog’s teeth clean and secondly some natural sticks work as a sort of stick based aspirin to reduce pain 👍🏻

loads of facts today! i’d initially thought that this would be pretty short … but it turns out, i’ve somehow dragged this out quite a lot #sozza 🙈. 

anyway, that’s all for now! 

ciao adios 😏 #tdil


for more useless information that’s probably not even relevant for most pub quizzes, go –>here<– … how sick is the new theme btw 😏

(today’s picture is an image of my actual own dogs 😬🐶 so i don’t have to credit anyone or anything!)

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