today i learned – sun 2nd apr 2017

today’s little thing is once again about food! however, unlike yesterday’s thing that i learned, today’s fact carries a somewhat healthier, salad based, vibe 🥒. it came about at a rather fantastic family meal and was actually because of a question asked by a member of the fam 👍🏻.

anyway, #tdil the reason why ‘rocket’ (the rather delicious peppery leafy stuff) is called ‘rocket’ 🚀. as boring as that might sound, i actually think it’s quite an amusing story 😬.

so, whilst it’s called rocket over here, in the states it’s actually called ‘arugula’ – bear with, this is relevant (ish) … despite being so different, both of these names came about from the same latin roots! they’ve just been corrupted in slightly different ways by different languages during their creation.

[primary objective] the name rocket came about after the peppery plant made its way from the north of italy and over the alps into france. originally called “ruchetta” by the northern italians, once it landed in france, it was named “roquette” … from there, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist (lol 😂) to figure out where it’s british name came from! 🚀

[secondary objective] the american name ‘arugula’ came about after the salad left the south of italy with people emigrating from italy to the states. landing in the states, the plant was known as ‘aruculu’ or ‘rucola’. as you can imagine, the jump from aruculu to arugula isn’t all that far!

basically, the completely different names came about all because the exact same plant left from a different end of everyone’s favourite boot shaped country. it’s kind of crazy (in my head, at least) that the north and south of the same country could create such different names?! like, you’d understand if it was coming from different countries (as i typed this, i remembered about the 6 trillion different ways that sandwiches are named in the uk and decided the above isn’t actually all that crazy at all 😳 #justwasted2minsofyourlife).

there you have it! just a short one today, i’m afraid. to be honest, after yesterday’s masterpiece, i don’t think today’s fact is quite as cool 😂🙈 regardless, it’s one of those little things that you can get out next time you eat a salad or frequent your favourite italian restaurant 👍🏻

ciao bella! 🥗 #tdil

if you’d like to read more drivel, then i have many more blog posts that you can peruse –>here<–

(today’s picture is of salad and comes from the ‘you can reuse this image’ section of google images 👍🏻)

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