today i learned – sat 1st apr 2017

pinch, punch, first day of the month! 😏 if i’d thought ahead, i could have done some kind of crazy april fools … but i didn’t … so, you know πŸ‘πŸ»

anyway, there’s no time to be joking around, we’ve really important (food based πŸ•) information to discuss! it’s saturday, it’s sunny and i’ve a great film on the tellybox … naturally, the only thing to look for now that i’m hungry is pizza, dominoes pizza 😍.

the problem, however, is that i don’t feel like taking out a mortgage to pay for a pizza?! why you so expensive dominoes! ☹️ #tdil exactly why dominoes is so god darn expensive!Β 

firstly, just in case you’ve never asked the question or you don’t quite know the extent of the problem, let me give you a bit of harrowing information: in the uk, a large margherita costs Β£14.99 … in australia it’s Β£3.04! in new zealand it’s just Β£2.87!! 😱

in fact, over t’other side of the world, dominoes is considered “one of the cheap takeaways”. meanwhile, over here, they’re making a 900% profit on each margherita πŸ˜’ (based on their figures in 2011).

it’s pretty ridiculous 😭 i want cheap pizza dammit! πŸ•πŸ•πŸ• want to know the reason why it’s so expensive over here? well, according to a representative of dominoes (in a statement to the metro) the reason is because fuel, rent, tax, labour and ingredients are more expensive over here.

now, i can’t really comment on whether 900% profit on each margherita is helping them cover all their costs without seeing all the mad figures … but surely they aren’t doing that badly?! can’t they lower the prices just a little? 😒 like, i just want to eat pizza without a mortgage 😭

anyway, i hope that answers a life long question that you’ve asked yourself for decades πŸ‘πŸ» #yourewelcome. despite being a future fat person, i’ve decided not to buy dominoes πŸ˜’ ergh.

have a good eve! πŸ‘€ #tdil

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(yes, today’s picture is me as a pizza having a cruise around πŸ•πŸ˜)

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